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Q: What is the cause of percentage difference in measurement?
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What is the measurement recorded in percentages?

A percentage is a pure number: it has no measurement units.

If a measurement is small is the percentage error high?

yes, it is. The smaller the measurement, the higher the percentage error.

What is the percent error of the measurement 7cm?

what is the number supposed to be if you git 7 cm? Percent error is the percentage that you're incorrect by, so you need another measurement. to do it, you find the difference and then divide by the original so (7-x)/true value then multiply by 100 to get percentage.

How do you calculate percentage change in the measurement of a picture frame?

The answer may depend on why the measurement is changing.

What is the difference between the units for linear measurement and units for measuring perimeter?

there is no difference between units of linear and perimeter measurement.

Is there much difference in measurement?

It depends on what is being measured, and the unit of measurement you will be using.

What is saturated percentage of oxygen?

Saturated percentage of oxygen (SpO2) is a measurement of oxygen levels in the blood

Why the difference between miles and knots?

Miles are a measurement of distance, a knot is a measurement of speeed.

What is the difference between volume and dimension?

Volume is a measurement of capacity. Dimension is a linear measurement.

What cause is kilometer?

A kilometre is not a cause, it is a measurement unit for distance.

If a measurement is smaller does the percentage error increase or decrease?


What is the measurement unit of potential difference?


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