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The equatorial circumference of Saturn is 378,675 km or 235,298 miles.

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Q: What is the circumference of Saturn?
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What is Saturn's equatorial circumference?

Saturn's equatorial circumference is 235,298 miles, or 378,675 kilometers. Saturn's equatorial radius is 60,268 kilometers. It is the second largest planet in the Solar System.

What is the circumference of Saturn's moon Titan?

Equatorial radius of Saturn is 60,000 kmsThe equatorial radius of Saturn is 60,268 km.

What is the Circumference and diameter of the planet Saturn?

The diameter of Saturn at its equator is 116,464 km and its circumference is about 365,882 km.Saturn's equatorial diameter is 120,536 km, so multiply by pi (approximately 3.1416) to get a circumference of 378,675.9 km. Converting km to miles, 378 675.9 kilometers = 235,298.3 miles== ==

How many miles is Saturn from Earth?

The distance between Earth and Saturn is 932 million miles. The circumference of the planet Saturn is 235,300 miles at its equator.

How many miles across is saturn?

The average diameter of Saturn is 71,229 miles and the equatorial circumference of Saturn is 235,300 miles. The surface temperature of Saturn is -218 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the circumference of Titan?

Saturn's circumference is not known exactly because it is a gas giant planet. That means that the outermost part of it is covered with gas. It is believed, though, that the innermost part of Saturn is solid, but how much is unknown.

HOW many Saturn can fit in the sun?

The circumference of the sun is 2.7 million miles. That means that almost 1600 Saturn's would fit inside the Sun.

How many earths can you fit inside of saturn?

approximately 109 earths would fit around the circumference of the sun

What is the equatorial circumference of mercury?

roughly 236,672 milesANSWER B:It has an average diameter of 120,536 at its equator. The equatorial circumference of Saturn is 378,675 km (or 235,298 miles).

How does the size of Saturn compare to the size of the Earth and the Sun?

To be brief, it's much larger than the Earth, yet much much smaller than the Sun. Well first off, Saturn is a little tricky to measure because it is not completely spherical. Saturn, along with the rest of the Jovian planets, or Gas giants, is an oblate spheroid. What this means is that the planet is flattened at its poles and bulges out at the equator where its rings surround it. The polar circumference of Saturn is approximately 170,702 km, about 8.5 Earths. Its equatorial circumference is about 189,241 km, almost 9.5 earths. This compared to earth's mean circumference, about 40,000 km, makes earth pretty puny to Saturn. If Saturn were a basketball, Earth would barely be the size of a small marble.Compare that to the sun's whopping circumference of 4,379,000 km, this would take about 72 Saturns lined up next to each other to make a ring around the sun. It would take 109 planet Earths to do the same!

A mole of Saturn automobiles placed end to end would encircle the planet Saturn how many times?

The different Saturn cars are different sizes, so I picked the Saturn Sky to work with. They claim a length of 161.1 inches or 4.09 meters. One mole of automobiles would be 6.02 x 1023 of them, multiplied by the length would be 2.46 x 1024 meters or 2.46 x 1021 km. Based on a radius of 60,268 km at the equator, the circumference of Saturn would be 378,675 km. Divide the length of the cars by the circumference of Saturn for the final answer: 2.46 x 1021 / 378,675 = 6.50 x 1015 So a mole of Saturn automobiles would encircle the planet 6.5 quadrillion times.

What is the circumference of a loonie?

A circumference is 4