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Q: What is the clinic significant of hematocrit?
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Are there critical or panic values for a red blood cell count?

There is not a critical/panic value associated with red blood cell counts. The RBC is usually not clinically significant but the hemoglobin and hematocrit are. Hematocrit is calculated using the red count, that is why it is needed.

What machine test hematocrit?

hematocrit machine ......

Which is a better indicator for anemia hemoglobin or hematocrit?


How does hemolysis affect hematocrit?

Clinically significant hemolysis is rare problem but it can affect red blood cell count and density of plasma. Studies have been done about the effect of hemolysis on hematocrit and the results stated that the changes appear too small to be accurately detected.

How does a bacterial infection effect a hematocrit?

It doesn't effect the hematocrit at all

Which sex has a higher hematocrit generally?

Hematocrit will be present generally in everybody body,but adult female as higher hematocrit. Range of 42% to 52%.

Does malaria cause hematocrit and platelets to drop?

yes malaria causes increase of ESR and decrease of hematocrit.

What is the lab value of hematocrit?

Normal Hematocrit for Men is 41-53%Normal for Female is 36-46%

What lab test reports the percentage of red blood cells in a sample of blood?

HCT or hematocrit

Who discovered hematocrit?


What is the medical abbreviation hematocrit mean?

Hematocrit is not an abbreviation. It is the ratio of plasma and the formed elements leukocytes, thrombocytes and erythrocytes.

Long term athletic training will cause a person to increase hematocrit?

No, their hematocrit will decrease. Though they may gain RBC, their plasma volume will have a greater increase in volume, thus decreasing the hematocrit concentration.