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Q: What is the coefficient of the variable in the equation 5-3x45?
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How do you interpret coefficient of dummy variable?

To interpret the coefficient of a dummy variable is to follow all of the steps of the equation that is being used as if the dummy variable was a real one.

The appears in the equation of a line as the coefficient of the variable x?


What is the coefficient in the algebraic expression 6n 3?

The coefficient in an expression is the multiplier of the variable in the equation. Here, the coefficient would be 6.

Where would you find the coefficient in an equation in science?

The term coefficient refers to a number that is next to a variable. For example in the term 4x2, 4 is a coefficient, and 2 is an exponent; x is a variable.

What refers to the degree of slant or steepness?

The coefficient of the unknown variable in the equation.

Does it matter if the coefficient is in front of the variable in a subtraction equation?

Co-efficients normally live in front of the variable.

What is a constant coefficient?

In a ploynomial or differential equation or really any formula or equation with variables in it, the coefficients are the terms "in front of" the variable or multiplied the variables. Each variable generally has its own coefficient. If a coefficient is constant (ie just a number) then it is a constant coefficient. eg Consider the polynomial , 3x2+9yx+6 in terms of x. It has one constant coefficient (3), one variable coefficient (9y) and one constant (6).

What does the coefficient do in an equation?

It multiplies the variable as for example 3z means 3 times z

When should you use the addition property of equality to eliminate one variable in a system of equation?

When the coefficient of that variable, in which you want to eliminate, is negative.

What is the number factor of a variable called?

The coefficient is in front of a variable.

To solve an equation of the form ax b you need to divide by the what?

I believe its coefficient.

What are the numbers called in an equation?

The number and variables when next to each other in an equation are called a term. The variable or letters are coefficients.4x + 3x = 28.4x and 3x are terms and the variable "x" is the coefficient.