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Exponents are usually written like this: 3^2 means "3 to the second power".

Square roots are often written with sqrt in front, such as as sqrt(5)

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Q: What is the computer symbol for square roots and power exponents?
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What is another name for square root?

Exponents, such as 2 to the 3rd power or 4 to the 4th power.

What does the circle and line symbol on most computer power buttons stand for?

The circle and line symbol that appears on most computer power buttons is simply the symbol for Power. This is a universal symbol and it used on computers in many countries. It is considered the universal symbol for Power On/Off.

When you raise a power to a power what do you do with the exponents?

You multiply the exponents.

What is 4 to the 2nd power in exponents?

4 to the 2nd power in exponents is 42

How do you find square root on calculator with out using the square root sign?

Assuming the calculator can do exponents, take the number and raise it to the power of 1/2.

How do you raise a power to a power?

The rule is that you multiply the exponents. So if I have 2 squared and I want to raise it to the third power, you multiply the 2x3=6. When you multiply powers you add the exponents. When you raise exponents to a power you multiply. This works for rational exponents which can be used to represent roots as well.

How are square roots related to exponents?

A square root is a number raised to the exponent (power) 1/2.

When adding numbers with fraction exponents do you add the exponents?

Fractional exponents follow the same rules as integral exponents. Integral exponents are numbers raised to an integer power.

When raising a power to a power this is what you do with the exponents?

Multiply them.

How are negative exponents and positives exponents related?

Using the symbol "^" for power: a^(-b) = 1 / (a^b) and: a^b = 1 / (a^(-b)) In words: raising a number to a negative power is the reciprocal of the same number, raised to the corresponding positive power (the additive inverse).

What is 10 to the fifth power x 10 to the second power?

10 to the seventh power - or 10,000,000. When multiplying numbers with exponents - you add the exponents together.

What do the lights on a computer do?

There are usually three light, these vary from computer to computer. The plug symbol tells you if the computer is charging or not, the cylinder (or three discs) tells you if its using the hard drive, which is a part in a computer. The power symbol tells you if your computer is on on off. Basically, they are designed to tell you whats happening with your computer.

What is the fast way to simplify when you raise an exponent to another power?

If you're multiplying numbers with exponents, add the exponents. 32 x 33 = 35 If you're raising exponents to a power, multiply the exponents. 3 squared to the third power = 36

What is the square root of b to the power of n-1 over b to the power of 1-n?

Use the rule for the division of powers. In other words, just subtract the exponents.

What is the symbol for a square in math?

I will assume that you mean " to the power of two ". A symbol for any n-power is to put the number (n) on the side, above the number. Like this: nn.

Which computer key do you use make exponents for and example 8 cubed?

It is common to write exponential functions using the carat (^), which means "raised to the power". Computer programing uses the ^ sign, as do some calculators. In some programming languages such as Python, two multiplication symbols, **, may represent exponents

How do you find the power of product?

to find a power of a product you add the exponents

What is 28 to the power of 5 exponents?


How do you take the square root of exponents?

You divide the exponent by 2 The square root of a number is that number to the 1/2 power So for examle square root of x cubed (x^3) is x^3 to the half power =x^3/2 (x to the 3/2 power)

What are the seven rules for exponents?

Rules for exponents to multiply powers, add the exponents to divide powers, subtract the exponents to find a power of a power, multiply the exponents to find a power of a quotient, apply the power top and bottom to find a power pf a product, apply the exponent to each factor in the product x0 = 1 anything to the power zero equals one x-a = 1/xa a negative exponent means "one over" the positive exponent

5 to the 6 power x 5 to the 9 power?

Just add the exponents. In this case you get 515.Just add the exponents. In this case you get 515.Just add the exponents. In this case you get 515.Just add the exponents. In this case you get 515.

What does the product rule of exponents say?

When a base is raised to a power inside a quantity , multiply the two exponents to solve.

What is the hebrew symbol for power?

There is no Jewish symbol for power, though the Israeli flag is as close to a symbol of power that we have.

What is the fifth power of three in exponents form?

The fifth power of 3 is 35.

What does power mean in math terms?

The word power is another word for exponents

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