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Q: What is the conflict in abuela invents zero?
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Is abuela invents the zero a fiction book?

Yes, Its a fiction book!:)

What is the Word for grand mother in Spanish?

Grandmother in Spanish is abuela.

What does Abuela mean?

Mi abuela = My grandmother

How do you say grandmother Silvia in spanish?

Grandmother in Spanish is "abuela"

What mi abuela mean?

Mi abuela = My grandmother

What does mi abuela mean?

Mi abuela = My grandmother

What is the duration of La abuela?

The duration of La abuela is 1.87 hours.

What term means a person who invents?

A person who invents is an inventor.

When was La abuela created?

La abuela was created on 1981-04-09.

Spanish word for grandmother?

Abuela or abuelita

How do you say 'dear grandma' in Spanish?

Amo a mi abuela. The "a" is the so-called "personal a", and is used when referring to a person as a direct object. It has no counterpart in English.

What actors and actresses appeared in Abuela - 2008?

The cast of Abuela - 2008 includes: Ariel Moreno as Maestro Sasha Nicolas as Nieto Aida Soria as Abuela