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Q: What is the conventional method of expressing architectural measurement with numbers?
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What are the advantages of expressing numbers in scientific notation?

The advantage of expressing numbers in scientific notation is that they are more compact.

What is a way to describe the world with numbers?

a way to describe the world in numbers is measurement...

What is a qualitative measurement?

Any measurement that doesn't involve numbers.

What is the method of properly expressing measured numbers?

Significant figure

How can you deal with irrational numbers by expressing them in decimals?

You can deal with them approximately.

What advantage of expressing numbers in the scientific notation?

Less digits are needed for very large numbers

What are the other ways to represent numbers?

They are all the ways of expressing numbers excluding the ones that you already have!

What is a compact way of expressing large numbers and very small decimal numbers?

Scientific expression.

What is a more compact method of expressing large numbers and vary small decimal numbers?

It is scientific notation.

Why was China's ancient architectural desing number 3?

they wanted odd numbers

How many numbers are in milliliter?

None. A millilitre is a unit of measurement - it has NO numbers.

When is expressing using scientific notation useful?

When numbers are tremendously large or small.