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Q: What is the correct order of these numbers smallest to biggest 2.1 2.079 2.03 2.17 2.009?
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Earth sun red giant galaxy is this the correct order from smallest to biggest?


What is the largest number you can make from the digits in your phone number?

get the numbers and order them from biggest to smallest.

What are these numbers 0.3 0.4 and 0.25 in order from smallest to biggest?

0.25, 0.3, 0.4

What is the order from smallest to biggest out of 0.74 0.47 0.72 0.27?

Arranged in order from smallest to largest, these numbers read: 0.27 0.47 0.72 0.74

How do you order unit fraction?

you order unit fraction like this by smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest

How do you find the range mean and the meadian?

Answers down there. range: add the numbers all up and divide how many numbers you have. meadian: put all the numbers in order from smallest to biggest, then find the one in the middle. mean: the biggest minus the smallest. HOPE YOU GET AN A+!!! *************************************************______________________

Range of numbers?

Put the numbers in size order. The range is the biggest number minus/take away the smallest number. 123456789, in this case it is 8. GET IT?

Which is the biggest number 6.48 6.84 6.8 or 6.6?

It is 6.84 that is the biggest numberThose numbers, in order from largest to smallest are: 6.84, 6.8, 6.6, 6.48. The largest, therefore, is 6.84It is: 6.84In order from largest to smallest: 6.84, 6.8, 6.6, 6.48

What would you do first to order numbers from least to greatest?

first take the smallest number and then take the biggest number then the middle numbers well you must know how to count

How do you find the median of 7 numbers?

Put the 7 numbers in order from smallest to biggest. The number that separates the bottom 3 and the top 3 is the median.

How do you write 5-6-102 and -4 in order from smallest to biggest?

From smallest to biggest they are: -102, -6, -4 and 5

How do you find the median in a sequence of numbers?

you put the #s in numerical order (from biggest to smallest) then find the # in the middle. If there are 2 in the middle then you find the average of them