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rhombic triacontahedron

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Q: What is the correct term for a 30 sided dice?
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How many dots on a die?

There are many different shapes and sizes of dice. The typical die that you find in most board games has 6 sides and 6 numbers. There are also 6-sided dice that are made with only 3 options though, and there are 20 and 30 sided dice out there as well. There are also 4 sided dice, 8 sided, 10 sided, and 12 sided that are quite common. They have other (even odd) numbered dice, and other types of dice with math symbols or pictures on them instead of numbers. Or letter dice for word games sometimes.

What is a 30 sided shape?

a 30 sided shape

What is 30 sided shape?

A 30 sided polygon is called a Triacontagon.

What is a 30 sided polygon called?

A 30-sided polygon is called a triacontagon.

What is a 3D 30 sided shape?

A tridekahedron is a 3D 30 sided shape.

What do you call a 30 sided shape?

A 30 sided shape is called a Triacontagon.

What is a 30 sided figure is called?

A 30 sided polygon is known as a Triacontagon.

What are the ratings and certificates for 30 Days of Dice Living - 2011?

30 Days of Dice Living - 2011 is rated/received certificates of: USA:E10+

Is there a 30 sided shape?

A triacontagon is a thirty-sided polygon.

How many triangles does a 30 sided polygon contain?

A 30 sided polygon contains 28 triangles.

When rolling a two dice what is the probability of both dice being different?

It is 30/36 = 5/6

What sort of dice do you use in warhammer 40k?

It really depends on the kind of army you're fielding. But mostly, it's your choice. If you have an army that has low points per model (ie. Imperial Guard, Tyranids) you may want to have lots of dice. And even though this should go without saying (and yes, for you veteran players, this does happen) Do not play with only one die. With one die, you'll end up looking like the worst kind of noob to the game, and that's a stupid noob.