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Q: What is the correct way to simplify an expression?
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How do you simplify the expression -5n --3n?


How do you simplify a radical expression?

The answer depends on the form of the radical expression.

Explain one way to simplify the expression 4(3q-q).?

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In math how do you simplify an expression?

Math can be difficult at times. To simplify a math expression, it is important to follow the order of operations, or PEMDAS.

What does mean to simplify a algebraic expression?

What does it mean to simplify an algebraic expression?It means to take the problem to the lowest point you can take it to.

How can you simplify the expression to a number without knowing any number value for the variable k?

You have not told us what expression you wish to simplify.

How do you simplify a expression for an area problem?

The answer depends on what expression you do have and for what kind of shape!

What is the meaning of simplify expression?

To "simplify an expression" is simply to make it as simple as possible. Ex: 2+2 simplified would be 4. an easy way of thinking about it is removing as many numbers and symbols as possible without changing the expression's meaning. There are also several standards that are universally accepted. Take x*2 for example. this is never seen in an expression this way, but instead as 2x. it is the same thing, but the latter is the accepted version.

Simplify the expression 7c6 3c2?


Can you simplify this expression 12a plus a?


How do you simplify expessions?

To simplify an expression you must combine the variables and the constants. Then write the simplified version of the expression so that the expression isn't solved, just simplified. 1a+2(a+5)=2a+7

What can you simplify an expression by combining what?

Like Terms and Variables