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+234 805 6203 005

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Q: What is the correct way to write phone number in Nigeria?
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you have to write your phone number and when it gets on your phone, you will see a password and you write it down.

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When you hear a phone number and write it down, your brain uses short term memory.

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Is 540580103 a correct Bank of America Routing number?Write your answer...

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You are not allowed

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To unblock a phone number through Boost Mobile text 9999 and write ALLOW followed by the phone number you wish to unblock. Similarly if you want to block a number text 9999 and write block followed by the number. A text message from Boost Mobile will be sent confirming the action performed.

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There may be a number where you can leave a message but there isn't a phone where he will answer. The best idea is to write a letter and have your parents help you mail it.

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