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Q: What is the cost of a block retaining per piece?
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How much does a retaining wall cost per foot?

It all depends on the height, materials used and the length. If you can let me know what you'd like to use (i.e. retaining wall modular block, chopped stone, poured-in-place concrete) I can probably give you a pretty good idea.

If it costs 54.82 per yard and i use 13.6 inches times 24 pieces what is my cost per piece?

1 yard = 36 in → cost per in = 58.82/yd ÷ 36 in/yd → cost per 13.6 in piece = 13.6 in × 58.82/yd ÷ 36 in/yd ≈ 22.22

How much does a cinder block fence cost?


What is the average per block cost of a taxi in NY City?

Way to much!

What does price per piece mean?

Price per piece means that an individual piece/item is priced as shown. E.g. Walkers Crisps Price per packet (piece/item): 30p Therefor 10 packets would cost £3.00.

What is the average cost per square foot to build a home in Kelowna?

The average cost per square foot to build a home in Kelowna is $1,500. This information is as of 2013 and is for a graded home with massive retaining walls.

How much does a 8x8x16 cinder block cost in Show Low Az?

Depends on the type. Show Low Block charges $2.11 per block for terra split face.

A 56'' piece of tube costs 1.75 what is the cost per foot?

thirty seven and 1/2 cents per foot

What pewter per ounce cost?

Well the Pewter price per ounce cost more than Copper, if it does not have Lead it can cost more that Silver; if it is a Collection arts piece it can cost more that yellow Gold; well depending on the pure alloys they use ! One piece of Pewter one ounce can cost $10 and another piece can cost one time or 5 time more that yellow Gold the depending of the collector; if the piece has over 50 to 200 years old; or depending of the artwork ! this is for the best interest to the Consumer "For Real" see web. page: " Living Life Enterprises Presents."

If 800 pcs is usd 110 how much will be for200 pcs how to calculate this?

If the cost relationship is linear no matter how many pieces are built or ordered, then take 110 US dollars divided by the 800 pieces it would buy to get .1375 cents cost per piece. Now that we know how much 1 piece would cost you can multiply it by whatever quantity you want. So 200 pieces times the .1375 cents cost per one piece equals $27.50.

What is the unit for a piece of cheese if 1.24 pounds cost 11.25?

The unit price is 9.0726 (approx) per pound.

If a carpet sells for .94 per sq ft what will a 12' by 37' piece cost?

First, find the total area of the carpet piece. A = bh A = 12 x 37 A = 444 sq ft If the carpet sells for $.94 per sq ft, then the total cost is 444 x .94 = 417.36