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Q: What is the cost per square meter to get concrete floors and walls for bathroom?
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How much a square meter of concrete?

The cost of a square meter of concrete can vary depending on factors such as the type of concrete mix, local market conditions, and any additional labor or delivery costs. On average, the price can range from $75 to $150 per square meter. It is recommended to obtain quotes from local suppliers for an accurate estimate.

How many concrete blocks in a square meter?

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How many concrete blocks required for 1 square meter?

It depends on the size of the concrete blocks

Is cubic meter of concrete same as a square meter of concrete?

No. A cubic metre is a volume measurement, what you can fit in a box, 1x1x1 metres in dimension. A square metre is an area measurement corresponding to 1x1 metre.

How many bags of cement per 1 square meter of concrete hollow blocks wall?


How much weight can a square of concrete 1 meter on a side and 20 cm thick hold?

There are too many variables that are not quantified in the question to answer this. What kind of concrete? (There are different kinds.) Is the concrete reinforced? How is the square of concrete supported? What is the nature of the load and how is it distributed on the slab? We could go on.

How many square feet will a meter of concrete cover at 3 inches thick?

This question can not be answered because square feet are a measure of area and a cubic meter is a measure of volume.

How many cubic meters of concrete to fill 120 square meter area?

It depends on the depth to which the area is filled.

How many bag of cement and sand per square meter at 8 inches thick concrete slab?


How many concrete hollow blocks in 1 square meter?

It depends on the size of each block and their orientation.

How many 20x20x40cm concrete block required per square meter?

The answer will depend on the orientation of the blocks. It will be between 13 and 25.

How do you calculate moisture content in existing concrete floors?

To calculate the moisture content in existing concrete floors, you can use a moisture meter designed for concrete. The moisture meter is inserted into the surface of the concrete and provides a reading of the moisture level. It is important to take multiple readings at different locations and depths to get an accurate average moisture content.