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Q: What is the crusty stuff in the corner of the called?
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Crusty stuff on the inside of some pipes?


What covered the bones?

some tip tissue like the the stuff that get crusty on your lips

What are crusty stuff in pipes?

Crusty stuff in pipes can be caused by mineral deposits like limescale, rust, or other debris that accumulate over time. These deposits can restrict water flow and cause clogs in the pipes. Regular maintenance and cleaning can help prevent the build-up of crusty deposits in pipes.

If there is crusty stuffand wet stuff in your underwear what does it mean i havent gotten my period eitheri havent even started it?

if it is white or clear it means that you are now going into the stage called puberty.

What is a crusty patch on rock called?

sun crossword???

Why is there crusty stuff in my wifes panties?

This is probably discharge. This stuff usually is found between or sometimes during menstrual cycles. It's totally normal!

What can I use to clean a thermal pot Mine has crusty looking white stuff in it.?

The crusty looking white stuff are mineral deposits from hard water and are called scales. You can either buy a de-scaling solution from any hardware store or you can do it yourself. To do it yourself, make a diluted solution of vinegar and boil that in your thermal pot for 10-15 minutes. Most of the white scales should be gone from your thermal pot.

What does it mean if your guinea pig has a small amount of crusty buildup in the corner of its eyes?

Its probably just sleep, just carefully wipe it out with your nail.

What are itchy scaly crusty areas on the body called?

you're penis.

Explain two reasons why crevasses may form in certain regions of glaciers?

The stuff in your butt that's all crusty and icky.

Is it bad when you find crusty yellow stuff in your ear?

No, most times it's just dried ear wax which is perfectly normal.

How would you use crusty in a sentence?

He had a crusty pizza for lunch.He's a crusty person, no one likes him.