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If it's rectangular, i.e. all its angles are 90 degrees, then

Volume = 26,496 cubic inches = 15 and 1/3 cubic feet

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Q: What is the cubic inches of an object whose dimensions are height 46 inches width 24 inches and depth 24 inches?
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What is the total cube of 31 inches long by 24 inches height?

The calculation of the cubic measure (volume) of an object requires its measure in three dimensions: length, height and depth. There is no information on depth.

How do you find the volume of a box in cubic inches?

Measure its length, width, and height in inches. Then multiply the three dimensions and record your answer in cubic inches (in3).

What is the cubic feet of a pallet 48 inches long 45 inches wide 24.5 inches in height?

The volume of a box with those dimensions is 30.625 cubic feet

What is the dimensions of a cube 5 inches by 8 inches by 7 inches?

Those are the dimensions. Height, width and length.The volume is 280 cubic inches and the surface area is 262 square inches.

Calculate cubic inches?

If a calculation of volume in cubic inches is needed, all dimensions need to be converted to inches before calculating the volume. For example, if calculating a rectangular prism in cubic inches, the dimensions need to be converted to inches, then the volume is calculated as length times width times height.

What is the cubic inches of a round object whose radius is 2 inches by 2 inches height?

pi*22*2 = 8*pi = 25.13274123 cubic inches

What is the multiplication factor to convert inches to cubic inches?

Inches in and of themselves cannot be converted to cubic inches because inches are linear and cubic inches are volumetric dimensions. But if you have a solid with dimensions measured in inches, then to determine the number of cubic inches, you multiply length x width x height. If all three sides are identical, then you can cube one side (s3) to get the volume.

What is the cubic inches if the height is 18 inches the width is 51 inches and the depth is 3 inches?

You just multiply all the dimensions to find the volume: 18" x 51" x 3" = 2,754 cubic inches.

How many inches high is 1.7 cubic feet?

The height of 1.7 cubic feet could be any value, depending entirely on the dimensions of its shape.

How do you get cubic inches?

by measuring the height, width, and depth of an object. Can be used as an english unit for volume.

What is formula cubic feet for a box?

to measure the cubic feet of a box you measure the dimensions (length, width and height) in inches multiply them together and then divide them by 1728 and you will get the cubic feet

A cube has the volume of 2184 cubic inches what are the dimensions?

Each of the three dimensions are 12.97430823 inches

What are the dimensions of a cylindrical prism with a volume of 112in?

The volume of a prism cannot be 112 in since it is measured in cubic inches, not inches. Even if you meant cubic inches, there is not enough information to answer the question. The volume depends on the radius and the height and to determine these two dimensions you need two independent equations.

How many cubic meters in a 20 fOOTt long container?

Cubic meter is a unit for volume, which requires 3 dimensions, length, width, height. Knowing the length of an object is useless unless you have the other two dimensions.

Is the height of a car measured in cubic inches?

No. Cubic inches are a measure of volume, not height. The height of a car would be measured in feet and inches or metres and centimetres. Cubic inches might be used to measure the engine capacity of the car.

What is the volume of a cylinder in cubic yards if the height is 153 inches and the diameter is 24 inches?

The volume of a cylinder, in cubic yards, if the height is 153 inches and the diameter is 24 inches is 69,215.57 cubic inches which equates to 1.484 cubic yards.

How many cubic inches volume are in an object that is 91 inches high by 112 inches long by 60 inches wide?

Volume = Height x Length x Width 91 inches x 112 inches x 60 inches = 611,520 cubic inches. This large a volume is usually converted to cubic feet or cubic yards. 611520 cubic inches = 611520/1728 cubic feet = 353.89 cubic feet 611520 cubic inches = 611520/46656 cubic yards = 13.1 cubic yards

How many cubic feet is 108 inches by 60 inches by two inches?

I get 7.5 cubic feet. The dimensions come to 12,960 cubic inches. There are 1,728 cubic inches in a cubic foot. 12,960 / 1,728 equals 7.5.

What is the height of a cylinder with a volume of 250 cubic inches and a radius of 6 inches?

The height of a cylinder with a volume of 250 cubic inches and a radius of 6 inches is: 2.21 inches.

What is the volume of a rectangular solid that has the dimensions of 1 yard in length 8 inches in width and 1 foot in height?

It is 2 cubic feet.

How do you convert feet dimensions into cubic yards?

Multiplying length times width times height of an object measured in feet will give you that object's volume in cubic feet. Dividing that number by 27 will you give you the volume in cubic yards.

What is an example of a real world object that has a volume of 150 and 400 cubic inches?

a shoebox with a lenght of 10 inches a width of 8 and a height of 4

What is the height of a prism with a volume of 64 cubic inches and a base area of 8 square iches?

Volume = Base Area*Height 64 cubic inches = 8 sq inches*height So Height = 64/8 inches = 8 inches.

What is Formula for cubic inches in a box?

Cubic inches in a box = volume of box (in cubic inches) = Length * Breadth * Height, where each of these three is given in inches.

What is the volume that has dimensions 8.2 3.1 2.6 inches?

The volume is 66.092 cubic inches.