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10 and 2/5

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Q: What is the decimal as a mix number in simplest form for 10.4?
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How do you write the decimal of 104?

104 is a whole number and is not usually written in a decimal form.

How do you write 104 as a fraction mixed number or whole number in simplest form?

104 is already expressed as a whole number

Is 76 out of 104 in simplest form?

76 out of 104 in simplest form = 19/26

How do you write 72 over 104 in simplest form?

72/104 in simplest form is 9 /13

What is the fraction 104 330 in its simplest form?

104/330 = 52/165

What is104 over 15 in simplest form?

104/15 simplifies as a mixed number to 614/15

What is 104 millionths in decimal form?


What is 104 over 150 in simplest form?

104/150 = 52/75

What is 65 over 104 simplest form?

65/104 = 5/8

What is the simplest form of 104 and 200 in fractions?

It is: 104/200 = 13/25

Is 104 over 206 in simplest form?


What is 104 in decimal form?

It is 104, exactly as in the question.

How do you write as a decimal 104?

A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. A decimal representation does not require a decimal point. So the required decimal representation is 104, exactly as in the question.

What is 70 percent of 104?

Since the decimal form of 70% is 0.7, 70% of 104 would be 104(0.7). This equals 72.8.

What is the simplest form of 104 over 39?

104 over 39 is itself the simplest form The above answer is incorrect since both 104 and 39 are multiples of 13. 104/39 = 13*8 / 13*3 = 8/3

What can 101 over 104 be reduced to?

101/104 is already in simplest form (lowest terms).

What is 28100 in simplest form?

2.81*104 or 2.81E4

What is the simplest form of 36 over 104?


What is 104 over 160 in simplified form?

It is 13/20 in its simplest form

What simplest form for 88 and 104?

88/104 = 11/13

How do you write ten thousand six hundred in decimal form?

10,600 in decimal form (scientific notation) would be: 1.06 x 104

What is 32 over 104 in its simplest form?


What is 72 over 104 in simplest form?


What is 72 over 104 in the simplest form?


What is the simplest form of 76 over 104?

figure it out yourself