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Four sixths = two thirds = 0.66

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Q: What is the decimal for four sixths?
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What is four sixths as a decimal?

four sixths as a decimal is 0.66667

Is five sixths greater than four fifths?

Yes it is. Five sixths is about 0.83 in decimal and four fifths is exactly 0.8 in decimal.

What is four sixths in decimal?

4/6 = 0.67

What is four and five sixths as a decimal?

4.83333 recurring

Four sixths as a decimal?

4/6 simplifies down to 2/3. This as a decimal is .6666 repeating which can be written as .667.

What is the decimal for four sixth?

four sixths = 0.66667 4/6: = 4 ÷ 6 = 0.66667 in decimal

What is ten and four sixths in decimal form?

It is: 10 and 4/6 = 10.666 .... recurring 6

Is four sixths greater than three sixths?

yes. four sixths i2 greater than three sixths

What is 1 and five sixths in a decimal?

1 and five sixths = 1.8333 . . .

What is two sixths of twenty four?

two sixths of twenty four is eight

What is five sixths of twenty-four?

five sixths of twenty-four is 20.

What is 3 and 2 sixths as a decimal?

3.333333333333333333 (repeating decimal)

What is five and three sixths minus four and four sixths?

seventy-eleven and a half

What is eleven sixths as a decimal?


What is one sixths as a decimal?


What is fifteen sixths as a decimal?


What is 5 sixths as a decimal?


What is one sixth plus four sixths?

One sixth plus four sixths equals five sixths, or 5/6.

How is one sixths expressed as a decimal?

One sixths is a very long decimal number. To find out, calculate 1 divided by 6, and your result will be 0.166666666.

Is four sixths greather than two sixths?


What decimal is equivalent to two sixths?


What's three-sixths as a decimal?

0.5 is.

What is twelve sixths in decimal form?

12/6 = 2.0

What is two and three sixths as a decimal?


What is eight and five sixths as a decimal?

8.83333 . . .