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this means 715/1000, quite an easy one, 0.715. 3 decimal places means thousandths.

for example 715/10'000= 0.0715

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Q: What is the decimal for seven hundred fifteen thousands?
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How do you write four hundred seven ten thousands in decimal form?

Four hundred seven ten thousands in decimal form is 4,070,000

What is seven and two hundred and fifteen thousandth written in decimal form?


How do you write seven hundred twelve thousands as a decimal?

It is 712000.

What is six hundred twenty seven thousands as a decimal?

It is 627,000

Five hundred seven thousands equals what in decimal?


How do you write 121 068 715 in words?

twelve million sixty eight thousands and seven hundard and fifteen

How do you write seven and four hundred sixty thousands?

As a decimal you can write it as 7.460

What is the decimal form of seven thousand forty-three and seven hundred forty-two thousands?


How do you write seven hundred sixty eight thousands in decimal form?

seven hundred sixty eight thousand = 768,000 seven hundred sixty eight thousandths = 0.768

How do you write sixteen and seventy-seven thousand three hundred twenty-four hundred thousands in decimal?

its 16.77324

How do you write seven hundred and fourteen thousands in decimal form?

.0714 hope that helped!

How do you write fifteen and two hundred seven hundred-thousandths?

Assuming you meant:fifteenandtwenty thousand ,seventy hundred-thousandths.Always group by hundreds. (ex) ones, thousands, millions, etc.Fifteen - 15and (place decimal)20070 - after the decimal.So, you write it as 15.20070.You can further simplify to 15.2007, or 1.52007×10¹.