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There is no decimal number for the binary number 13 because 13 cannot be a binary number.

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Q: What is the decimal number of the binary number 13 in the OCT counting system?
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Is the us number system decimal or binary?


Differentiate between binary number system and decimal number system?

binary number output is 0's and 1's. in decimal number is a whole integer value

What is the advantage of decimal number system to binary number system?

The decimal representation of numbers is shorter. Binary number require approx 3.3 times as many digits.

How are negative number represented in binary number system?

Just as in decimal, you can put a minus sign in front. For example, if 101 (binary) is decimal 5, then -101 (binary) is decimal -5.

The binary number 10 represents what in the decimal number system?

Binary ( 1 0 ) = decimal ( 2 )

Convert decimal number system 37 to binary number system?


What kind of number system is commonly used in the US is it decimal or binary?


What is the binary number 11 in the decimal number system?

11b = 3d

What is the advantage of having the binary number system to represent data inside the computer instead of the decimal number system?

They use the binary sysem because the number 1 means the switch is turned on and the number 0 means the switch is off. There is no way to use the decimal number system.

How many binary digits would be required to represent the decimal number 1000 in the binary number system?

10 digits.

What is the binary number for the decimal number 134?

The binary number for the decimal 134 is calculated as 128+4+2=10000110. The binary number system is used internally on almost all computers and computer based devices like cell phones.

Do computers use the decimal number system to store data?

No, they use the binary system

How do binary number system work?

Almost exactly like the decimal system, but the base is the number 2, instead of the number 10. This refers to the place-value system: in decimal, each digit has a place-value that is 10 times as much as the digit on the right; in binary, the factor is 2. It is helpful if you understand the place-value system in decimal first.

Why is 1 kB 1024 bytes instead of 1000 bytes?

1024 is the closest number to 1000 you can reach in the binary system of counting. Hard drive manufacturers use decimal counting to rate there drives which is why you don't get exactly 100GB out of a 100GB hard drive.

What were the Minoans' writing and counting systems and counting systems like?

Minoans' writing and counting system was actually a decimal system. Their writing system used pictographs written' on clay tablets to stand for sounds in words. To count they used a decimal system based on the number 10!

Advantages of the binary number system to the the decimal number system?

The binary system requires only two digits. It is, therefore, simpler to code numbers for electrical, electronic or optical data storage systems.

How can you convert 110.101into decimalnumber system?

110.101 is already a decimal number. Unless that is intended to be two binary numbers with a decimal point between them for some reason. (decimal points are not used to represent fractional numbers in the binary system).

What is the binary number for the decimal number 1?

It is the same number: 1. Binary numbers are base-2, with each digit place corresponding to an exponent of 2 rather than 10 in the decimal number system. So that the number 11, which in decimal means 10 + 1, would represent 2 + 1 (3) in the binary system, which can only have the value 0 or 1 in each digit place.

Why is your number system called decimal number system?

Decimal refers to ten and the number system is based on counting in tens. The system is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right.

Who was the first person to try and use a binary number system for a counting machine?


How many digits are there in the binary equivalent of 56?

56 in binary is 111000. Unlike the decimal number system where we use the digits.

In the binary system what is the decimal number 2 represented by?

I'm pretty sure binary is just 1's and 0's

What are the advantages of electronic data processing over non-electronic data processing?

Electric is easier and faster then mechanical processing, Your question does not give much information but look into Binary, Dont look into computers, Binary is a counting system like our counting system decimal (0,1,2..,9,10,11,12...,19,20,21 ect). We use binary as it is base 2, And electric can have two states, on or off (1 or 0). To use decimal we would need to be able have 10 different values.

What is the definition of number system?

Any system of naming or representing numbers, as the decimal system or the binary system. Also called numeral system.

What are binery numbers?

Binary numbers belong to Binary number system. Binary System consists of only 2 digits (known as bits) 0 & 1. Any no. from decimal number system can be converted to binary number system. Binary numbers are widely used in design of various digital gadgets & computers. Following are some decimal no.s converted into binary numbers. Decimal number Binary number 0 0 1 1 2 10 3 11 4 100 5 101 6 110