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Cross curricular studies cut through traditional subject matter lines and explore relationships of subjects to one another. For example, a school-wide program in "writing across the curriculum" entails teaching writing in every subject-matter department. Teachers of all the arts and sciences develop and implement a writing program in their department that coordinates with the other writing programs throughout the school. In traditional writing programs, those that are not cross curricular, writing is taught only in English classes, and teachers in other subjects depend on the department of English to teach the skills that students need to write in all other subjects. While there is widespread agreement among educators that students ought to understand the interactions of the various disciplines, some teachers feel that they haven't enough class time to cover the basic skills and fundamental concepts in their subjects, let alone to discuss how their subject interacts with other subjects. For example, although the development of mathematical thought is tied to historical events, and though principles of mathematics can be seen in such fields as music, art, drama, and sports, math teachers often prefer to spend time on the math skills and concepts rather than on the links to other realms of thought. Other teachers feel that unless the cross-relationships are explored, students will not learn to think the way that professionals do in the various departments of study. For example, when interpreting a musical score, a conductor will consider the life of the composer, the times in the music was written, the key relationships of the music to other art forms --dance, graphic arts, drama -- previous interpretations and the public's reaction to those interpretations, and so on. Many conductors will explain those issues to the orchestra members, in hope that the deeper understanding will enhance the mood of the performance.

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Q: What is the definition for cross curricular?
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