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An object is said to be in uniform motion when it goes in a constant straight line. Motion is the part of the mechanics branch of physics.

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Q: What is the definition for uniform motion in algebra?
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What is acceleration of body having uniform motion?

"Uniform motion" means speed isn't changing and direction of motion isn't changing. That's a pretty good descriptive definition of "zero acceleration".

Types of motion?

uniform and non uniform motion uniform motion [ equal distance in equal intervals of time is known as uniform motion] non uniform motion [equal distance at unequal intervals of time is known as non uniform motion]

What is the other name of non-uniform motion?

"Non-uniform" motion is "accelerated" motion.

What is the definition of non uniform motion in physics?

During uniform motion, velocity is constant, so there is zero acceleration. Non-uniform motion involves a change in velocity, which means there is acceleration. Accelaration is a change in velocity. A change in velocity occurs when a body slows down, speeds up, or turns (changes direction), or a combination of these.

What is the difference between uniform linear motion an uniform circular motion?

linear is which is on a straight path and circular motion is which has a curved path. *In a uniform linear motion,the velocity is constant and the acceleration is zero.So,uniform linear motion is an unaccelerated motion. *In uniform circular motion the velocity can be variable although the speed is uniform.So,it is an accelerated motion.

What type of motion is spinning top uniform or non uniform?

The spinning top has uniform motion.

What is the meaning of uniform accelarated motion?

What is the meaning of uniform accelarated motion?

Is the motion of earth a uniform circular motion?

yes the motion of earth around the sun is uniform

Is uniformly accelerated motion uniform motion?

yes, acceleration is constant in uniform circular motion

Newton's first law of motion ka sahi definition kya hai?

every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it

What are the similarities between uniform and nonuniform motion?

in uniform motion velocity not changes with time but in non uniform motion velocity changes with time.

What is meant by uniform and non uniform motion?

motion that is always constant [Either acceleration or deceleration that is called uniform motion......... motion that undergoes a change in velocity,either by changing speed or changing direction,,,,,that.s changes are called non uniform motion......