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It is the lines of a cube or a figure......

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No, a vertex is where they meet!

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Q: What is the definition for vertex in math?
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What point on a cone is a vertex?

Because in math the definition for vertex is !the point of a geometric figure that is opposite the base. So in this case, the point is the vertex.

What is a definition for vertices in math?

The definition of vertices is the plural vertex. A vertex is point of intersection of two or more lines. A vertex can also be used to describe the angular point of a polygon, polyhedron, or other shape.

What is the node in math?

The definition of a node as it is used in math is that a node is a singular point of a curve. It is also defined as vertex in a graph.

What is a vertex in math terms?

a vertex is the place where two lines meet.

What is the defenishon of vertex?

The definition of a vertex it where two sides meet.

What is vertex in math explain how to answer?

A vertex is a point where two or more lines meet.

What does vertex mean in math class?

A vertex is the highest or lowest point in a parabola.

What is the definition and example of a vertex?

a corner.

What is a definition of vertices?

A vertex is the highest point of something. 'Vertices' is the plural usage of vertex.

What is a vetrtice in math?

A vertex is a point where lines meet. The plural of a vertex is vertices - so you cannot have "a vertice".

What are two absolute value equations that share a vertex?

In math a normal absolute value equations share a vertex.

Does a cone have a vertex?

Yes, the point on the cone is a vertex.Typical math textbooks define a cone as "A solid figure with one circular face and one vertex." So yes, there is one vertex.

What does vertex probably mean?

In math, a vertex is the point in an angle of which the two rays originate. You know that little dot that's at the "corner" of an angle? Yep, that's the vertex.

How many diagonals does a hexagon have one vertex?

None. By definition a diagonal goes from one vertex to another vertex and so each diagonal MUST have two vertices.

What is the definition of population in math?

Population in math definition is the group of people that participated in a survey

Math words that start with V?

vector, vertex, there are probably others

What is valences in discrete math?

Valence is the number of edges that meet at a vertex.

What is the definition of tessellation vertex mean?

Gee, Hard problem

What is the definition of outcome in regards to math?

the answer to a math question.

What is the definition with an example for junction in math?

math is funn...

The definition for the word math stem?

math stem

What is the definition of an inscribed angle?

an angle in an circle whos vertex is on the circle.

What is the definition of maximum in math?

The definition of a maximum in math is very simple. A maximum is a number that nothing can exceed in that situation.

What is the math definition of join?


What is the math definition for location?

In math, the definition of a location is a point. A point gives a specific position or location on a plane surface.