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A division sentence is a number sentence. The sentence is used to express a division fact such as six divided by three equals two.

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Q: What is the definition of a division sentence?
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What does division sentence mean?

a division sentence means sentence with numbers with division but don't wright a sentence

What is a sentence for division?

The sentence which expressed the division fact is called division sentence. Division is denoted as symbol as "÷" and /.

What is definition of the quotient in a division problem?

It is the answer of the division.

Use uncanny in a sentence?

The definition of uncanny can be found at p:// An example of a sentence using uncanny: Paul had an uncanny ability to calculate long division problems in his head without the use of a calculator.

What are the division of science and its definition?

what are the division of science define each

What is a division sentence?

a division sentence is when you divide and when you divide then you put the bigger number first

What is the definition of a partial - quotients division algorithm?

a type of division a way to answer

A sentence with the word definition?

A sentence with the word definition is "The teacher asked her students to find the definition for the spelling words."

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This is one sentence using the phrase 'division of labour.'

What is the subject in the sentence Can you give a definition for that word?

In the sentence 'Can you give a definition for that word?', YOU is the subject.

What has no definition in math?

Division by zero.

What the definition of district?

administrative division

What is the definition of district?

administrative division

What is the definition of declaritive sentence?

The definition of a declarative sentence is a sentence that makes a statement. This is different than a sentence that either asks a question or gives a command.

How do you write a division sentence?

you can write a division sentence by writing lets say 20/2. You have to have a big number first like 20 then a division sign / then a smaller number that goes in to the numbe 20 which can be 2 then you put an equal sign = then the answer which is 10. that's how to right a division sentence.

What is a sentence for the word division of labor?

Mesopotamia used division of labor!

Definition of room division?

A room division is presumably something that will divide a room into different parts like a partition .

What is the definition of concision?

A cutting off; a division; a schism; a faction.

The definition of cell enlargement and division is?


What is the simplist definition of mitosis?

Division of a cell

What is the definition quotient in math?

a answer to a division problem

Examples of informal definition?

formal definition is a sentence

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Definition: without color

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Social class and drudgery date from the division of labor.

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You can look up the definition and then write the sentence using the definition. For example, Palanquin means

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