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centile [ˈsɛntaɪl]

In mathematics, measurements, or statistics, it is another word for percentile, the ranking a value has within a statistical group. For example, the 99th percentile would be the highest, and 50th percentile most nearly the average.

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Q: What is the definition of centile?
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What are the weight limits for kids?

underweight: below 2nd BMI centilehealthy weight: between the 2nd and 90th BMI centileoverweight: between 91st and to 97th BMI centileobese: at or above 98th BMI centile. This BMI centile

You are twelve years old and you are 5 feet 2 so how tall can you grow up to?

At the moment, you are around the 77nd centile for your age. This means if you were in a room of 100 boys, you would be the 77nd highest. Without knowing your heights at different ages, it is difficult to predict accurately because I do not know whether you have always stayed on this centile or whether it is a growth spurt. However, if you continue to stay on the 77nd centile, you are looking around 5'11 to 6 foot tall when you are 20.

What is percentile range?

percentile range is used as a measure of disperson.It is the difference between centile and 10'th percentile.percentile range=p90-p10

Is it true that short people have the same size as average people?

No. A scale that is used nationalty works as follows. If 100 people are lined up - all the same age - then the 5th person is the 5th centile. the 50th person is the 50th, etc. Over all, anyone over the 50th centile is taller than average, and anyone lower is less than average. I am 25th, so I am a bit smaller than average.

Is four feet eleven the normal height for an 11 year old girl?

4'11 (59 inches) at 14 puts you at the 5th centile for your age. This means that out of a room full of 100 randomly selected girls, 95 girls will be taller than you. The 50th centile would be 63 inches. You would need to plot your heights over the past few years to see if you have always been on the 5th percentile before making any more inferences.

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