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The Answer:Cube:A cube is a type of regular hexahedron that has 6 faces, 8 vertices, and 12 edges. That being, that each face must be a perfect square. However, like its counterparts, such as the octahedron, it is a platonic solid, where all sides are the same shape.

Euler Characteristic: F - E + V = 2, 6 - 12 + 8 = 2 = X

Since all of the angles of the edges are right, you can obviously identify that the dihedral angle is also right, 90o.

Cuboid:A cuboid, does not require that all the sides have to be squares, but just quadrilaterals. The dihedral angle varies, but the characteristics are the same the faces, vertices, and edges listed above. It also is a convex polyhedron.
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Q: What is the definition of cube and cuboid?
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How many flat surfaces are on a cube?

if its a regular cube -> then 6 * * * * * By definition, a cube must be regular. If it is not regular, then it is a cuboid. A cuboid also has six faces, so the qualification added to the earlier answer is quite unnecessary.

The relationship between cube and cuboid?

The relationship between cube and cuboid?

What 3d shape has 12 edges?

A cube or a cuboid could have 12 edges, 8 vertices, and 6 faces.

How is cuboid different to the cube?

A cube is a 3D square while cuboid is a 3D rectangle

How is a cuboid different from cube?

A cube must have 6 faces, all the same size, all squares. A cuboid only has to have 6 faces. (Sometimes a cuboid is defined as a shape that has six faces that are all rectangles.) A cuboid is a broader range of solids than a cube. A cube is a type of cuboid.

What is the What is the difference between a cuboid and a prism?

they are the same and if you have a cube and a cuboid then its different because a cube have equally sides and a cuboid has 4 rectangles and 2 squares!cuboid have vertices.

Is the Kaaba in Mecca a cube or cuboid?

Although often called a cube, in geometric terms it is actually a cuboid.

Is a cube and cuboid the same?


Cube and cuboid?

A cube has six faces which are all squares. A cuboid has 2, 4 or 6 rectangular faces.

Is sandwitch a cube or cuboid?

A sandwich (not a sandwitch!) is not likely to be a cube. But it need not be a cuboid: it is more likely to be a triangular prism.

How many edges and vertices does a cuboid and cube have?

A cube is a special case of a cuboid. They have 12 edges and 8 vertices.

Three differences between cube and cuboid for 6 grade?

1. Cube has all sides equal whereas cuboid doesn't. 2. Cube has all diagonals equal whereas cuboid doesn't.