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Q: What is the definition of first differences?
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Definition of regional differences?

there is no answer

What is the definition of cultural differences?

The definition of cultural differences would be the way the different cultures live, their beliefs, what they eat, their religious beliefs and so forth.

What are differences between Marchantia and Dryopteris?

Spelling and definition.

What is meant by the term differences?

The definition of differences is a pretty simple one. It is basically anything that is not similar. Anything that is not the same will have some differences and that is basically it.

Is a simile and metaphors definition the same?

Actually, no. They have some differences.

What are the differences between viruses fungi and bacteria a short definition?

the answer to pie

Why do differences cause problems?

differences cause problems because most things work when there is chemistry; the definition of chemistry? - without difference.

What is the definition of economic differences?

Economic differences are like the differences from country to country (like 1st world to 3rd world), differences in how much people have (rich vs. middle class vs. poor), etc.

Definition of individual differences?

Individual differences are what make each person unique and different from one another. These differences include the variations of self esteem, cognitive development, and degree of agreeableness.

What is A definition that specifies the type of thing the term applies to and the differences between the things the term applies to and other things of the same type?

Analytical definition

What is the definition for behavioral isolation?

Behavioral Isolation is isolation caused by differences in courtship or mating behaviors.

What is the definition for observing and comparing?

Observing means attentive, watchful, and looking on. The definition of comparing is, to regard as similar or to examine in order to observe or discover similarities or differences.