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A customer is some person or organization that uses an output from a different person or organization. Customers are defined as internal and external to an organization. External customers are most common in sales where a company sells a product to a customer. Internal customers are persons or departments who rely on output from another department of the same organization to accomplish their own function.

A typical example of an external customer is a grocery shopper who goes to a market to buy goods. This person is from outside the organization of the market.

In the supermarket example, an internal customer is the manager who relies on information from accounting to make decisions, or the stock person who needs to receive materials from the warehouse in order to put goods on the shelf.

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Q: What is the definition of internal and external customers with an example?
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Explain the concept of the internal and external customer using an example to illustrate the essential linkages?

intarnal customers are the Supliers customers,were as the external customers are the retailers/the end users.

Example of internal and external customer service?

internal customers are people within the business who depend on other parts of it.extenal customers are those who come to buy products.

What is the difference between an external and internal customer?

It's supposedly to do with customers.

Give example of external and internal?

internal is in and external is out fertilisation

What is the difference between internal and external customers?

The difference between internal and external customers: Internal customers are employees, suppliers, dispatchers, basically anyone who works or sells for the organisation. External customers are people who walk in off the street or ring in, just consumers with no connection to the organization directly that want to purchase a product/service. The main reason behind internal customers is it can cause a ripple affect on external customers (eg An employee not happy with his/her job will not be as pleasant with the external or other internal customers causing problems for customer satisfaction overall.

Internal customers must receive the same high levels of service as external customers?

Internal customers are are customers that are directly related to the business's. External customers are people just come off the street for example. Internal customers should be given the same amount of high service as external because anyone that enters your store should. Whether they are familiar to you or not. Each customer you serve will overall add to the business's' takings. A high level of service will no doubt increase your chances of making a sale, whether or not the customer is internal of external, a customer is a customer and a sale is a sale and every sale and every customer is important.

What are the internal customers for a car designer?

Other departments in the car company. An example of external against internal customers would be the body shop at the car dealer. The service department's external customers would be car buyers who got into accidents. The internal customers would be the sales department having you fix cars that were damaged on the lot, and the receiving department having you fix cars that were dented in transport.

Is a keyboard internal or a external devise?

External. Internal devices would be something like a CD Drive, while an external device is a keyboard or mouse for example.

Describe External and Internal customer?

Internal Customers: This means if one department, individual or process within an organisation supplies another such within the same organisation with goods, information or services then the latter is described as the internal customer of the former. For example, a dispatch department may be the internal customer of a packing department, which in turn may be the internal customer of the manufacturing process. External Customers: External customers are those persons who come from the outside to fulfill their needs.E.g.the common people`

What is an example of an internal stimulus and an external stimulus?

external is thunder

Is the frog an example of internal fertilization?

No, the frog is an example of external fertilization.

Give an example of an internal structure and an example of an external structure that scientists use to classify organisms?

scientists classify organisms into groups based on internal and external features.