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Logical styles indicates that the enclosed text has some sort of special meaning, which indicates that the enclosed text should be emphasized (stressed when spoken) here are some examples:


Emphasizes text. Usually rendered as italicstrong

Strongly emphasizes text. Usually rendered as bold.cite

Indicates a citation or reference. Usually rendered as italic.dfn

Indicates the defining instance of a term; usually applied when the term first appears. Usually rendered as italic.acronym

indicates an acronym, such as RADAR (RAdio Detection And Ranging); also provides a title attribute that may contain the fully-spelled out version of the acronym. Hovering your mouse over the acronym causes many browsers to display a "tooltip" with the contents of the titleattribute. Rendering is inconsistent; some browsers display a dotted underline, while others do nothing special.code

Indicates computer code fragments and commands. Usually rendered in a monospaced font.

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Q: What is the definition of logical style?
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