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A radical integer is a number obtained by closing the integers under addition, multiplication, subtraction, and root extraction.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the definition of radical number?
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What is the definition of radical number in astrology?

I have the same question....What is Radical Number in it good or bad?????

Definition The number or expression inside a radical symbol?


What is the definition of radical transformation?

A radical transmission is a change of something into something which is totally different.

When you multiply a radical number with another radical number do the radical signs cancel each other out?

Not necessarily. If it is the same radical number, then the signs cancel out. Radical 5 times radical 5 equals 5. But if they are different, then you multiply the numbers and leave them under the radical sign. Example: radical 5 * radical 6 = radical 30

What is the number under the radical?

A number under a radical sign is known as a radicand.

What is the number under the radical sign known as?

The number under the radical sign (also known as the radical) is called the radican.

How do you prove that Jesus' ethics are radical?

Find or come up with a definition of radical ethics. Outline the ethics of Jesus as you condense them from the evidence. Apply your definition and defend your conclusions.

The number under the radical sign?

the number under the radical sign is called the radicand

What is the definition of stephenny?

stephenny means radical , amazing, hyper.

What is the coefficient of radical 2?

Radical 2 is a number, it does not have a coefficient.

In 1765 what was the definition of radical?

In 1765 a radical was someone who did NT agree with the king, the taxes, or the fact that the soldiers did everything for free. A radical was also the opposite of a tory.

If a radical is multiplied by a number or variable you should put the number or variable the radical sign?


What is the symbol used to indicate the positive square root of a number?

It is the RADICAL SIGN , its definition is - the symbol used to indicate a nonnegitive square root.

Is a radical a real number?

It can be.

What is the meaning of the operation with radical expressions?

A radical number is a number with a decimal. so a radical expression would be like 5 raised to the 2.5 power.

Is any number expressed with a radical symbol an irrational number?

No. Radical(1.21) = 1.1, for example, is rational.

What is the combination of radical sign and together with the number?

a surd . i suspect

What is the radical of 5?

The square root (radical) of 5 is about 2.2361 (an irrational number)

How can you tell the value of a radical is a rational number?

If the number inside the radical is a perfect square or a ratio of perfect squares.

Change a mixed radical to an entire radical?

you have to square the outside number and then multiply it by the number inside the squareroot sign.

Can you subtract a radical number from a whole number?


What is radicand?

-The radical is the symbol that represents a square root. -The radicand is the number underneath the radical symbol. -The coefficient is the number out in front of the radical. (We assume that the coefficient multiplies the radical, the same way it would multiply with a variable.)

Is radical 3 a real number?

No it is not.

Is radical 22 a rational number?

No, it is not.

Is radical 101 a rational number?

No, it is not.