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There's no "definition" of this phrase; it's just a sentence. But it originated with Ayn Rand, the founder of the philosophical movement called Objectivism. Googling for "Ayn Rand" or Objectivism should quickly get you to an original quote.

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Q: What is the definition of the phrase 'to improve through man as a man'?
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Morning wood is an English phrase which meani an erection when a man or boy wakes up from sleep.

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The phrase "to a man" means everybody in a particular group of people.

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"The white man's burden" refers to the idea that it was the duty and responsibility of white colonizers to civilize and educate non-white societies. This concept was used to justify imperialism and colonization in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

What is the definition of man according to philosophy?

The definition of man according to philosophy is a human being. This definition also states that man is a rational animal with insight ability to reason.

Liebe geht durch den Bauch translation?

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Linoln was a very mischeivous man. He fought through a big war. He just wanted to celebrate.

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because he was an a good man