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Just divide the mass by the volume.

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Q: What is the density of an object with a mass of 50 grams and a volume of 5cm cubed?
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What is the mass of an object its density is 5 grams centimeters cubed and the volume is 10 centimeters cubed grams to centimeters cubed converter grams to centimeters cubed conversion?

mass = density x volume Mass = 5 grams per centimeter cubed x 10 centimeters cubed = 50 grams

If a mass of an object is 50 grams and the volume is 10 milliliters what is the density?

The object's density is 5 g/mL

What is The mass of 5.42 cm cubed of platinum if the density is 22.5 cm cubed?

The density must be 22.5 GRAMS per cm cubed, not 22.5 cm cubed. Then, Density = Mass/Volume implies Mass = Density*Volume = 22.5 * 5.42 = 121.95 grams.

What solid has a mass of 100 grams and a volume of 65 centimeters cubed?

Any object with an average density of 1.538 g/cc.

What is the density of an object with a volume of 20 centimeters cubed and a mass of 40 grams?

2 g/cm3 Because density = mass / volume so u do 40 divided by 20 and get 2

What would be the density of object that has a volume of 25 and of 5 grams?

What would be the density of an object that has a volume of 25 cm3 and 5 grams?

How do you get mass with volume and density?

density = mass/volume volume = mass/density mass = density x volume Ex: V=40m cubed M=300g D=a M/V 300/40 = 7.5g _______ m cubed or D= 7.5 grams per meter cubed

What is the density of a 25g piece of metal that has a volume of 10 cm cubed?

density = mass/volume,so the density of your metal is:25/10 = 2.5g/cm3 (grams per cm cubed)

What is the density of a mineral with a mass of 150 grams and a volume of 6 centimeters cubed?

Density = Mass/Volume = 150/6 = 25 grams per cm3.

What has a mass of 250 grams and a volume of 50 centimeters cubed?

It could be a solid object made with a mixture of materials whose average density is 5 grams per cm3 or it could be a hollow object made with materials whose density is higher.

What is the mass of an object if the volume is7695 ft cubed and density is 917 gcm cubed?

217.898135 cubic meters == mass per cubic meter is 917 grams so 217.898 * 917 = 199812.47 grams = 199.81 Kg

Are grams and centimeters cubed the same units of measurement when finding density?

No. A gram is a unit of mass. Centimeters cubed is a unit of volume. A milliliter is equivalent volume to a cubic centimeter, though.Common units of density are grams/milliliter or grams/cm3, which are equivalent.