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Density = (mass)/(volume)

170 mm = 17 cm

25.4 mm = 2.54 cm

Volume = (17 x 2.54 x 2.54) = 109.6772 cm3

Density = 8.2/109.6772 = 0.0748gram/cm3

This is a very intriguing density for a rectangular rod ... only 7.5% as dense

as water, 2.8% as dense as aluminum, 14.1% as dense as lithium, the lightest

metal, and only 63 times as dense as room-temp sea-level air. We're suspicious

of the figure given for mass, but we stand behind our math.

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Q: What is the density of rectangular rod whose dimentions are 170mm25.4mm25.4mm and whose mass is 8.20grams?
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