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15.8114 metres (rounded)

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Q: What is the diagonal measurement of 13 meters by 9 meters?
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Why you say diagonal size for picture tubes?

It was a sales tactic, it made a picture seem larger. In an old-style television the measurement of a screen might be 13 inches wide by 9 inches high. The diagonal measurement would be almost 16 inches. A 16 inch screen sounds bigger.

What is the measurement for 9 meters and 14 centimeters?

Not clear what measurement you want, question not valid.

Diagonal measurement of a rectangal?

The diagonal of a rectangle is measured by using Pythagores theorem if you have the length and breadth of the rectangle. Say the length is 4cm and breadth is 3cm then the diagonal(hypotenuse) would be 42 + 32 =16 + 9= 25 = 52. Hence the hypotenuse or the diagonal is 5cm. Is that fine? Have a good day.

How many square meters for a room measuring 13 meters by 9 meters?


What is the length of a diagonal in a 3cm times 2cm rectangle?

By Pythagoras, diagonal = sqrt(32 + 22) = sqrt(9 + 4) = sqrt(13) = 3.606 cm (approx)

A rectangle is 3 meters wide and 10 meters long how long is the diagonal of the rectangle?

To find the length of the diagonal in a rectangle, use the formula for calculating the hypotenuse of a right triangle: a² = b² + c². a² = 3² + 10² a² = 9 + 100 a² = 109 a = 10.44 m

The area of a rectangle is 117 square meters. The width is 9 meters.What is the length of the rectangle?

If the area is 117 square meters and the width is 9 meters we can find the length by dividing: 117 / 9 = 13 The length is 13 meters

If the length of a rectangle is 3 and the width is 2 the length of the diagonal is?

a=3 b=2 c=diagonal a squared add b squared equals c squared 9 add 4 = 13 square root 13 and ther's your answer

13ft 3 inch x 13 ft 9 inch how many meters square is this?

(13 ft 3 inches) x (13 ft 9 inches) is approximately 16.93 square meters.

How many square units are in 13 units by 9 units?

The answer is 117 units squared. This is figured by multiplication: 13 x 9 = 117 units2 Let's say that the office is 13 meters x 9 meters, then the surface is 117 m2

What is the diagonal if a rectangle is 9 x 12?

A 9 x 12 rectangle has a diagonal of 15.

How many meters in 13 square yards?

to convert from feet to meters multiply by 0.3048 = (13 x 0.3048) x (9 x 0.3048) sq meters