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Q: What is the diameter of 4 inch pipe?
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What is the inside diameter of 0.75 inch pipe?

Three-quarter inch diameter pipe refers to the outside diameter. Different pipe types of the same outside diameter usually have different inside diameters. ASTM SCH 40 pipe of 3/4 inch diameter has an inside diameter of 0.824 inches. ASTM CL 200 pipe of 3/4 inch diameter has an inside diameter of 0.930 inches because of the thinner wall.

When saying calculating inch dia of pipe is number of welded joints x pipe size that refers to lenght of pipe or diameter of pipe?

Pipe size refers to the diameter of the pipe (in inch).

How do you find diameter of a pipe?

for 4 inch and ahove 1.5 multiple with pipe size

What is the radius of a 4 inch pipe?

The radius is half of the 4 inch diameter. Therefore, the radius is 2 inches.

How many times bigger is a 10 inch pipe than a 8 inch pipe?

Every time! lol Seriously a 10-inch pipe is 5/4 of an 8-inch pipe

What is DN 100 pipe?

Pipe with a Nominal Bore of 4 inch (100mm) Outside Diameter 114.3mm

How many cubic inches in a 4 inch diameter pipe?

It depends on how long the pipe is. 4" diameter is just the 2 dimensional measurement, therefore you would not be able to determine the volume of that pipe.

Water volume of 4-inch pipe per foot?

The volume of water in a 4-inch diameter, 1-foot section of pipe is 0.6528 gallons of water.

How many 0.50 inch diameter pipe will fit into one 1.50 inch diameter pipe?

Three 0.50 inch diameter pipes will fit into one 1.50 inch diameter pipe (hypothetically). The 0.50 inch diameters stack on top of each other until you have 1.50 inches!

How many cubic feet is a pipe is 4 inches in diameter and 3000 feet long?

A 4-inch diameter pipe that is 3,000 feet long has a volume of: 261.8 cubic feet.

What is the outside diameter for one half inch pipe?

1/2 inch + 2*thickness of the pipe.

What is the Volume per inch of a 70 inch diameter pipe?

The volume is 3,848 cubic inches per linear inch of 70-inch diameter pipe. In terms of liquid volume, this pipe would contain 16.66 gallons of liquid per linear inch.