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The diameter of a US penny is 0.01905 metres

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What is the diameter of a penny coin in meters?

The diameter of a United States penny coin is 0.01905 meters. 0.001905 meters can also be simplified into 19.05 milimeters. The penny is the second to the smallest US coin.

How many meters are in a diameter of a penny?

The diameter of a new US cent that hasn't been worn down is 19.05 millimeters.That's 0.01905 meter.

What is the diameter of a penny in decimeters?

A standard US penny is 19.05 mm in diameter, so it would be 0.1905 dm.

What is the diameter of a US penny in inches?


What is diameter of penny in cm?

A US copper penny is exactly 2 cm wide.

What is a penny's diameter in millimeters?

There are several countries in which the minor currency unit is a penny - including the US where a cent is called a penny!The UK penny has a diameter of 20.3 mm.

How long is a penny?

Circles have a diameter, not length. The diameter of a US cent is 19 mm.

What is the diameter of a penny in inches?

this depends on which penny you are asking about.The US penny, the Australian penny, the British penny, Canadian penny and the Irish penny coin.Each one is a different size and weight.Diameter of an Australian penny (no longer currency) is 1 and 3/16".Diameter of an old British penny (no longer in use) was 1.25". Modern pennies are 20.03 mm, or about 4/5"Diameter of a U.S. cent (penny) - 0.75"

What is the diameter of a US penny?

The penny is 19.05 mm in diameter and is 1.55 mm thick. 1.9 cm 19 mm 3/4 inch

What is the volume of a penny in cubic meters?

A current US one-cent coin (penny) is 19.05 mm in diameter and 1.55 mm thick.This is about 0.442 cubic centimeters (441.8 mm3) or 4.42 x 10-7 cubic meters.The British penny (one new pence, steel) is 20.32 mm in diameter and 1.65 mm thick.This is about 0.535 cubic centimeters or 5.35 × 10-7 cubic meters.(see related question below)

What is 2.74 meters in feet?

2.74 meters us about 8.989501 feet.

Whtat is the diameter of a penny in cm?

A US one cent coin measures 19mm, or 1.9cm, in diameter.

What is the diameter of a penny?

US cents, commonly called pennies, are 19.05 mm in diameter. British pennies, which have that denomination officially, are 20.3 mm in diameter.

What is the width of a penny and a dime in centimeters?

A US cent (penny) is 1.905 cm wide. A dime is 1.791 cm wide.The diameter of a U.S. penny is 19mm, the thickness is 1.55mm. The diameter of a dime is 17.9mm with a thickness of 1.35mm.

What is the greatest distance across a penny in mm?

A cent (penny) is circular so the "greatest distance" is simply its diameter. Since 1858, all US cents have had a diameter of 19.05 mm.

How many us pennies in a square foot?

The diameter of a US penny is 0.75inches. There are 256 pennies in a square foot

What is the diameter of a penny in millimeters and its mass in gram?

See my link post to specs from the US Mint. Diameter = 19.05 mm, Mass = 2.500 g

How many inches is in a penny?

A PENNY coin has a Diameter of exactly 1&3/16ths Inches which is same as 1.1875 inch. The foregoing applies to a British penny. A US 1 cent piece is 19.05mm (.75 inches) in diameter, 1.55mm thick, and weighs 2.5 grams

What is the conversion factor to convert meters to US survey feet?

US survey feet = Metres * 1200/3937

Dimensions of a penny?

If you mean a US small cent (1856 to date) the diameter is 19.2mm and the thickness at the rim is 1.55mm.

How many millimeters thick is a US penny?

There are many countries which use a penny as its minor currency unit and these coins are not the same size. Furthermore, the citizens of the US refer to their cent as a penny - for some bizarre reason. Without any indication as to which country's currency the question is about, it is not possible to give an answer.

What does 1 million gallons look like?

1,000,000 US gallons is about 134,000 cubic feet. A round tank of 56 feet diameter by 56 feet high will hold 1 million US gallons. Also a round pond of about 413 feet diameter by 1 foot deep.

What is the US measure for 1.8 meters?

Divide by 0.3048 to get it in feet.

What is the volume of a pipe that measures 8 feet in length and 24 inches in diameter?

The volume of a pipe that measures 8 feet in length and 24 inches in diameter is: 25.133 cubic feet (about 188 US gallons).

What us coin measures 83 inches in diameter?

83 inches is around 7 feet. Or, 21 meters. That is enormous. No coin in the history of the United States has been that big. Do you mean 8.3 inches?