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16 cm

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Q: What is the diamiter of a circle with a radius of 8cm?
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What is the diamiter of a circle?

The diamiter of a circle is almost the same as the radius except the diameater is from side to side and radius is side to the middle.

What has a diamiter of 10?

A circle with a radius of 5.

How do you get diamiter?

The diameter of a circle is twice its radius.

What is the radius of a circle if the circumference is 8cm?

The radius is 1.27cm

What is the area and circumference of a circle with a radius of 8cm?

the answer is 20.54

How do you find the radius a circle if you have the diamiter?

Divide the diameter by 2. (The radius is 1/2 of the diameter.)

If you double the radius of a circle will the circumference also double?

since the equation to get circumference is diamiter X pi, and the diamiter is 2x the radius, yes it would double the C of the circle ie before radius is 2, so diamiter is 4 4 X Pi 12.57... radius is 4 so the diamiter is 8 8 X pi = 25.13... that would double it.

What is the area of a 8cm circle?

Area of any circle = pi*radius squared

Is a radious half the diamiter of a circle?

yes the radius is half the diameter. It goes from the edge of the circle to the centre.

What is the diameter of a circle whose radius is 4cm?

radius=4cm diameter=8cm *radius is half the diameter

What is the ratio of a circle with a radius of 8cm?

It depends on the ratio of what of the circle? Its circumference, diameter, area?

How do you find the radius of a circle if you don't have the area?

If you do not have the area, what do you have? The radius is half the diamiter The radius is PieR2 Worked backwards if you know the circumfrence.

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