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A fraction will always be one integer number divided by another like 3/4. A percent is measured from 0 to 100. Converting from a regular fraction to an equivalent percent is done by performing the division and multiplying by 100. 3/4*100 = 75%.

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Q: What is the diff between fraction and percents?
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How do you do percents to the simplest fraction form?

To convert percents to fraction divide by 100 as for example 25% as a fraction is 25/100 = 1/4 in its simplest form.

Is it easier to compare percents that it Is fraction why or why not?

Percents are easier since they don't need to be converted. It saves a step.

What are the fraction and percents for 32?

32 = 3,200% or 32/1

What is a part in math?

algebra fraction decimal ratio percents

How is a proportion like a fraction?

A proportion is when you make fractions into percents

86 percents a fraction in simplest form?


What 40 percents as a fraction in simplest form.?

40% as a fraction in its simplest form is 2/5

What is the fraction 14 out of 15 equal to in percents?

93.33'% = 14/15

Fraction 80 percents over 100 equals?

80/100 = 80%

How are fractions and percents similar?

a percent is a fraction out of 100 but instead of showing /100, you see %

What would 21 percent simplified to a fraction be?

'Percents' are hundredths. 21% = 21/100

What is the equivalent fraction of 21 over 27?

it is that this website does not have estimating with percents STUPID webste.