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The first number is the width of the tires in mm.. 275/30/24 is just a wider tire

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What is the percent between 250 and 275?

10% difference if increasing 250 to 275.9.5238% difference decreasing 275 to 250.

Do 24 inch rims fit on a 1972 impala?

Yes, if you have the correct tires. You can either do a 275/25/24 or a 275/30/24. I have 24x9s in the front with a 255/30/24 and 24x10s with a 275/30/24 on the back and they fit with no lifting or rubbing at all. Evo from

What is the difference between S275 and S355?

Difference in strength, 275 and 355 refer to minimum yield stress of the material (275 MPa and 355 MPa).

What is the difference between 235 75 r 15 and 275 75 r 15?

The 275 is wider and taller

Can you replace 255 r70 16 tires with 215 r60 16 tires?

Absoulty not if the 255/70-16 is the OEM tire size. The 215 will be 13% smaller in overall diameter. You should never, ever go over 3% different. You would have to go to a 275/60-16 to even be close to 3% and then it would be 3.5% smaller.

Are 275 75 16 tires wider than 265 70 16 tires?


275/75/17 tires for ford truck. whats the price?

275/75/17 do you have them and what price?

Difference between 120 GSM and 275 GSM galvanised steel sheet?


Tire chains on 275 55 r20 tires?


What is the difference between you kilometer 225 meters and 2 kilometers 275 meters?

assuming your wording is incorrect. 0 kilometre 225 metres and 2 kilometres 275 metres difference of 2 kilometres 50 metres 1 kilometre 225 metres and 2 kilometres 275 metres difference of 1 kilometre and 50 metres 2 kilometres 225 metres and 2 kilometres 275 metres difference of 50 metres

What is the difference between 285 65r18 tires and 275 65r18 tires?

The difference between a 285/65R18 and a 275/65R18 is height and width The first 3 digit number is the width measured in millimeters, 285 millimeters and 275 millimeters wide across the tread. The middle two digit number is an aspect ratio number or a percentage of the width. For example if the tread is 285 millimeters wide, than the aspect ratio of 65 is 185.25 millimeters. Meaning the side wall of the tire is 185.25 millimeters tall. 65 percent of 285 millimeters is 185.25 millimeters. So a 275 millimeter tire with the same aspect ratio of 65 will be a narrower and shorter tire, because 65 percent of 275 is less than 65 percent of 285. The R18 means that the tire is of radial construction and the tire is made to be mounted on a 18 inch wheel or rim.

What is the range of 275 217 338 326?

It is 121. That is the difference between 217 and 338, the highest and lowest numbers.

Can you substitute 275-65 R15 tires with 205-60 R15 tires?

No 205s are not wide enough and are a lot shorter

What was the difference between the Beatles from other bands?

THE DIFRENCE ABOUT the beatles and other songs are that they are much better and have 275 songs WOW

What two integers are between the square root of 275?

The square root of 275 is between 16 and 17.

How many odd numbers are there between 1 and 275?

There are 136 odd number between 1 and 275.

How much horsepower does a Chevy 4.8 L engine have?

-1999 4.8l has 255 HP 2000- 4.8l has 275 HP

What number is between 250 and 300?

what is betten 250 and 300

Can you replace a tire 255 70 15 with a 255 65 15?

No, this is a bad swap. If you want to go with a 65 series tire then install a 275/65-15 which is almost identical in overall diameter.

When was the Winchester model 290 produced?

The 200 series of rifles were introduced between 1963-1965.These include the models 250,270,290,255,and 275.The models 255,and 275 were discontinued in 1971.The models 250,and 270 were discontinued in 1974,and the model 290 was discontinued in the year 1976.Winchester states that there were 1,600,000 of all models produced.

What tire can replace a 255-70-15?

235/65-15 or 275/75-15 are very good substitutes.

Will 24's fit on a 95 Lincoln town car?

yes... with 275/30/24 tires

What odd number between 268 and 282 the sum of he hundreds digit and ones digit is equal to the tens digit what is the answer?

275 = Ones275 = Tens275 = Hundreds2 + 5 = 7275

What number is between 150 and 275?

212.5 is half way 275 - 150 = 125 125 / 2 = 62.5 150 + 62.5 = 212.5 = 275 - 62.5

Can you replace a 255 65 15 with a 275 65 15?

Of course you can but the question is should you? The answer is no, this a a bad swap. You should never change the overall diameter by more than 3% and the 275 is 3.51% larger in overall diameter. This will cause your speedometer to read 57.8 at a true 60 mph. This will have an adverse effect on fuel mileage braking and handling. If you wish to go to a larger tire such as a 275 then you need to go with size 275/60-15. This is an excellent swap and is almost identical to the 255/65-15 in overall diameter. Just make sure you have no clearance issues when turning.