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In M6 x 1 6g and M6 x 1 6h thread gauges, 6g & 6h are the two different tolerance class for M6 thread. Normally 6g gauge is used for without plated thread and 6h gauge is used for plated thread,(if specific criteria is not mentioned).

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Q: What is the difference between M6 x 1 6g and M6 x 1 6h thread gauges?
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What is the difference between M8 x 1.25 6g and M8 x 1.25 6h?

Metric fastener size designation nomenclature. As fully explained in ISO 965-1, Sect. 5, metric fastener size designations always begin with capital M or MJ followed by fastener nominal diameter and thread pitch, both in units of millimeters (mm), separated by the symbol "x", as follows. M10 x 1.5-6g-S means metric fastener thread profile M, fastener nominal size (nominal major diameter) 10 mm, thread pitch 1.5 mm, external thread tolerance class 6g, and thread engagement length group S ("short"). If referring to internal thread tolerance, "g" would be capitalized. A fit between threaded parts is indicated by internal thread tolerance class followed by external thread tolerance class separated by a slash; e.g., M10 x 1.5-6H/6g.

What is the difference between M6 x 0.5 6g and M6 x 0.5 6h?

please answer me for this question

Do 2g gauges grow back?

Yea they grow back :)...I have 2g s also...and if I dnt have them in for a week they shrink down to a 6g /: but if you want them to grow back just leave them out for about a month...

How can you simplify 6g-g?

6g-g= subtract g to get 5g 6g-g=5g

Your Renault clio has a fault code 6G what does this mean?


What is the answer to 6g plus 3kg equals?

6g+3000g - 3006g OR 3.006kg

What is the equation for 3 over 2g plus 1 over 6g equals -3?

3/2g + 1/6g = -3 9/6g + 1/6g = -3 10/6g = -3 5/3g = -3 5 = -9g g = -5/9

What is the answer to 18 plus 6g equals -12g?

g = (-1). 18 + 6g = -12g 18 = -12g - 6g 18 = -18g -1 = g

How do you read a screw thread call out?

This sounds like an easy question, but the answer depends on which type of thread call-out you are trying to read. There are multiple types of screw threads and each has its own call-out; but many are similar in syntax. The most common screw thread style in the USA is the UN-series. These screw threads are specified in ANSI/ASME B.1. An example of a UN-series thread call-out is: 1/4"-20 UNC-2A Decoded it is: Nominal Major Diameter (1/4")-Threads-per-inch (20) Type of thread (UN) Sub-thread-series (C)-Class-of-fit (2A) An example of the M-series thread call-out is: M16x1.5-6g Decoded it is: Type of thread (M) Nominal major diameter (16) Thread pitch (1.5) class-of-fit (6g) For more detailed information here is a link to a nice PDF book which gives very clear basic information on screw threads: I do hope that you found this information helpful.

What is the position of 6g pipe welding?

6G means the pipe is positioned at a 45o angle.

How many 6g are in a cg?

1g = 100cg 6g x (100cg/1g) = 600cg

Which is bigger 6g or 6kg?

6kg is heavier (bigger) than 6g.