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* PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)

* ThD (Doctor of Theology)

I assume you mean specifically a PhD in Theology. From what research I've done, there seems to be no significant difference between the two as far as the education, opportunities, and authority one receives. In other words, a person with a PhD in a certain area of Theological or Biblical studies would be no more or less an expert than a person with a ThD in the same area.

The difference is usually on the institution side. For example, a ThD may be administered by the College of Religion or the College of Divinity at a University, whereas the PhD may be administered by the College of Humanities or something of that nature. The financial aid offered may be different. The prerequisites can be different; for a ThD you'll often require an M.Div, whereas a PhD may require only an M.A.

One interesting difference I noticed at the school I'm hoping to attend is that the ThD is nearly $3000 less per class than the PhD.

So you may pay less or more for one or the other and you may have small differing requirements, but in the long run, they're equal.

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Q: What is the difference between a ThD and a Ph.D?
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