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A country that is part of the commonwealth used to be a part of the British empire but now has political independence and state is equivalent to a country.

A state can also mean a large area of a country that has a some political and legislative authority, but is not fully independent.

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Q: What is the difference between a commonwealth and state?
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Is it better to live in a state or commonwealth?

There is no difference between the two other than terminology.

Is Arkansas a commonwealth state?

There are four US states that officially designate themselves as "commonwealths". Arkansas is not one of them.In practice, there's no real difference between a "commonwealth" state and one that just calls itself a state.

What is the difference between a 'republic' and a 'commonwealth'?

Nothing. :] They are the same.

What is the difference between the british commonwealth and the commonwealth of nation?

They're both headquartered in the United Kingdom. You're probably thinking of the Commonwealth Dominions/Realms vs. the Commonwealth of Nations. The Commonwealth of Nations is an agreement between nations in matters of trade and other relations. The Commonwealth Dominions are all part of the Commonwealth of Nations, but differ in that the British Monarch serves as their head of state, hence, the Queen of England is also the Queen of Canada, Australia, Bahamas, New Zealand, etc.

Is Kentucky a commonwealth or a state?

Kentucky is a commonwealth state, hence the title The Commonwealth of Kentucky.

What is the difference between action and state?

what is the difference between action verds and state verbs ?

What are the main policy differences between the State of the Union address and the State of the Commonwealth address?

The difference is that an Inaugural address is when the president takes an oath and solemn promise and the other one is when he is telling the condition of the country.

What is the difference between th olympic games and the commonwealth games?

they are two deferent competitions both games are only for the unprofessional players but the commonwealth games are only for countries that used to be in the commonwealth =)

What is rhe differents between the commonwealth games and the olympic games?

The difference is the Commonwealth Games is only open to the members of the Commonwealth of Nations while the Olympic Games are open to the entire world.

What is the difference between Common Wealth vs State?

What is the difference between a common wealth and a state?

What is difference between central university and state university?

difference between central and state university

Is Philadelphia a commonwealth or a state?

It is a Commonwealth.

What was the difference between the British Empire and the British Commonwealth of Nations?

Well there is no British empire as such nowadays. The ex-empire countries are known as commonwealth nations, many of these still have Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state, and have a close relationship with the United Kingdom.

Is Virginia a state or commonwealth?

It is a US state named "The Commonwealth of Virginia".

What is the difference between an empire and a city state?

a city state does not have an emperor the difference between a city-state and an empire is that a city-state dose not have a emperor

Is California a Commonwealth?

No. California is a State. Massachusetts is a Commonwealth.

What is the difference between the State Legislature and the US Congress?

The difference between the state legislature and the congerss is that the state legislature is state legislature while Congress is national legislature.

State ONE difference between a cacique's wife and an ordinary Taino female?

difference between the observed outcome and the "normal" outcome (the difference between P2 and Q

What is the difference between a state college and a public college?

There is no difference.

When was Secretary of State for Commonwealth Affairs created?

Secretary of State for Commonwealth Affairs was created in 1966.

What is the difference between city and state job?

City is local and state is with the state. Pay would be the big difference.

What is a commonwealth government?

A commonwealth government is one exists to protect the welfare of the citizens as a whole rather than a small priveleged class (like nobility and kings). Four states have the formal title "Commonwealth of..." rather than "State of..."; however there is no real difference between Commonwealths and States in how they operate. The four Commonwealths are Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

Is missouri a commonwealth state?

Missoouri does NOT style itself a commonwealth.

What does commonwealth state mean?

A commonwealth state is just an agreement to be a member of the United States.. A commonwealth state has the right to withdraw from the United States and become it's own country if the people in that commonwealth choose to no longer be a member of the U.S.A.

What is the difference between a US 'commonwealth' and a state?

To the best of my knowledge there really isn't one. It is a historical naming issue. In the early days of colonization, commonwealth was practically synonymous with 'republic' or 'state'. Some preferred the term because they liked the implied meaning better. But I do not believe there is any meningful distinction that differentiates a commonwealth from a state. However, in modern parlance, there is a tendency to use the term commonwealth to refer to a government with local autonomy but which is a protectorate of some other nation as is the case with US held territories like Puerto Rico. However this modern spin on the word should not be taken as implying any legal distinction between US states which are commonwealths vs states that are not.