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Any polygon that has an angle that is > 180º is a concave polygon.

A convex polygon does not.

e.g. All regular polygons are convex.

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Q: What is the difference between a concave polygon and a convex polygon?
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What is the difference between a concave and a convex polygon?

A concave polygon has lines that curve inwards whereas a convex polygon has lines that curve outwards and they are found on and inside spheres

Difference between concave and convex in the dark?

concave is inward, convex is outward concave is inward, convex is outward

A polygon that is not convex?

Is a concave polygon.

Is the following polygon convex or concave?

is this a polygon? is it concaver or convex

What is the difference between a convex shape and a concave shape?

i dont think any1 knows * * * * * A concave polygon has at least one reflex angle. Equivalently, in a convex polygon, a line joining ANY two points in (or on) the polygon lie wholly within (or on) the polygon. In a concave polygon there are at least two points for which the line joining them does not lie wholly inside (or on) the polygon.

What are the similarities between regular polygon and a concave polygon?

A regular polygon is a special kind of convex polygon - one in which all the sides are of the same length and all the angles are equal. Convex and concave polygons form disjoint sets: so no concave polygon can be regular.

A pool is in the shape of a polygon. The segments and vertices of the polygon are shown. Is this polygon convex or concave?


What the difference between convex and non convex polygons?

In a non-convex (or concave) polygon, at least one interior angle is a reflex angle. An alternative definition is that if you take any two points inside a conves polygon, the line joining them is wholly inside the polygon.

What is a definition for non convex polygon?

A simple polygon that is not convex is called concave, non-convex or reentrant. A concave polygon will always have an interior angle with a measure that is greater than 180 degrees.

A square is an example of a quadrilateral that is both a regular concave polygon and a regular convex polygon?

No. There can be no regular concave polygon.

What is the difference between the focus of concave and convex mirror?

the focal point of a concave mirror is positive while a convex is negative

What is the difference property between convex and concave glass?

Convex lens converges the light and a concave lens diverges the light..