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A top heavy fraction is one in which the top number is greater than the bottom number, such as 7/5. Top heavy fractions are not excepted as final answers. A mixed number is one where the top number is divided into the bottom number, so that it is not top heavy, such as 1 2/5, which is the same as 7/5.

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What is the difference between a proper fraction and an improper fraction?

In an improper fraction the absolute value of the numerator (the top) is bigger than the absolute value of the denominator. An improper fraction is also called a top-heavy fraction.

What is difference between road tar and asphalt?

Road tar is made from coal. Asphalt is a heavy fraction of petroleum.

What is the number called when the top number of the fraction is bigger than the bottom number?

It is called a top-heavy fraction. This is called an improper fraction. Example: 45/42 -

How do you convert a top heavy fraction?

You divide the top number by the bottom number.

What is the difference between mixed fraction and vulgar fraction?

A mixed fraction is one which has an integer part and a proper fractional part. A vulgar (or top heavy) fraction is one where the numerator is bigger than the denominator. For example, one and a quarter, as a mixed fraction, is 11/4 whereas as a vulgar fraction, it is 5/4

How do you do top heavy mixed number fraction?

The naswer will depend on what you mean by "doing" top heavy fractions.

What type of fraction has a big top number and not the bottom?

It is called an improper or vulgar fraction. Or, for obvious reasons, a top-heavy fraction.

Is there a difference between heavy cream and heavy whipping cream?

Heavy cream and heavy/ whipping cream are the same thing.

When dividing fractions what is it most helpful to change a mixed number into?

improper fraction

What is the general rule for writing a mixed number as a imprper fraction?

As an improper fraction the numerator will be greater than the denominator or it will be a 'top heavy' fraction

Is the denominator the largest number?

Not necessarily. And certainly not in a top-heavy (improper) fraction.

Can a fraction be a prime number?

Not a proper fraction since it is less than 1. But a top heavy fraction certainly can be. For example, 9/3 which is 3.

What is a fraction called that is top heavy?

A 'top heavy' fraction is an improper fraction as for example 5/3

What does a whole number and a fraction make?

a mixed number. example: 1+1/2, or a top heavy fraction, 1+1/2 = 3/2

1985 LT9 heavy duty what the difference between the heavy duty and the regular 350?

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What is three eigths as a decimal?

87.5! No, it's not 87.5 because the only way you can get a whole number is if its an improper fraction, or a top heavy fraction and there is no way you can get 87.5, out of a regular fraction that's not improper or, as my teacher calls it, top heavy.

What is the Difference between milk and cream?

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What is the difference between classic rock and heavy metal?

the sound..........

What is the difference between heavy cream and double cream?

the spelling

What is the difference in weight between a girls basketball and a boys basketball?

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What is 15 over 2 simplified into a fraction?

15/2 = 71/2, but as a top heavy fraction and not a mixed number, it is as simple as you can get it.

Which fraction when multiplied by 5 would result in a number greater than 5?

Any positive improper (or top heavy) fraction.

How do you make a top heavy fraction into a decimal?

Division: Divide the numerator (top number) by the denominator (bottom number).

Difference between half ton and heavy half ton?

Heavy frame heavy springs six bolt wheel hubs.

What is 23.535 as a mixed number in simplest form?

This is a bit of an awkward fraction. Top heavy fraction: 4707/200 Mixed fraction: 23 and 107/200