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In an acute triangle, all angles are smaller then 90%, In a obtuse triangle, there is normally one angle greater then 90%. A easy way to remember acute triangle, is it has the word "cute" in it.

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Q: What is the difference between an scalene acute triangle and an scalene obtuse triangle?
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What is the difference between an scalene right triangle and a scalene obtuse triangle?

A scalene triangle is a triangle in which all three sides have different lengths. The difference between a scalene right triangle and a scalene obtuse triangle is that in the first one, we can find the measure length of the third side when we know the lengths of the two other sides, and in the second one we cannot.

Can you draw a scalene obtuse triangle?

Yes. Scalene simply means that a triangle's sides are all different lengths. Obtuse means that a triangle has an obtuse angle. Therefore, you can have an obtuse scalene triangle.

Why can't a scalene triangle be obtuse?

A scalene triangle CAN be obtuse. A scalene triangle just has to have different measurement on all three sides.

Is a scalene triangle is obtuse.?

It is impossible to have an obtuse AND scalene triangle, because in order for it to be obtuse, it must have one obtuse angle but, in order for a triangle to be scalene it must have two equivalent sides. So, in the end if you have an obtuse and scalene triangle, it is not longer a triangle.

Is a triangle like an obtuse scalene triangle?

Sometimes, it can or can not be a obtuse triangle.

Is it possible to have a obtuse scalene?

Yes it is possible to have a obtuse scalene triangle.

Which kind of triangle is 30 35 and 115 degrees?

It is an obtuse scalene triangle

What is a scalene and obtuse triangle?

A scalene triangle has 3 unequal acute interior angles An obtuse triangle has 1 obtuse and 2 unequal interior angles

Are obtuse triangle a scalene triangle?

Not necessarily.

Is a scalene triangle an obtuse triangle?

It can be but doesn't have to.

What is a triangle that has has 1 obtuse?

It can be an isosceles triangle or a scalene triangle if it has 1 obtuse angle

What is A triangle with angles that measure 103 degrees 52 degrees and 25 degrees?

It is an obtuse scalene triangle.