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First we need to recognize that any form of infinity is just a mathematical construct. We are not ever going to have to deal with actual infinities, but what is very useful is understanding limiting behavior as something or other goes towards infinity. It is here that the difference between countable and uncountable infinities matters immensely. ; countable : can be put into a one to one correspondence with the natural numbers ; uncountable : cannot be put into a one to one correspondence with the natural numbers

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Q: What is the difference between countable infinity and uncountable infinity?
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What is difference between uncountable adn infinity?

The Webster's definition of infinity is an endless amount. The Webster's definition of uncountable is inconceivably numerous. However, infinity is the proper term to be used in mathematics.

What number is between 7.39 and 7.4?

There are an uncountable infinity of numbers between 7.39 and 7.4.

What is the Difference between a finite set and countable set?

all finite set is countable.but,countable can be finite or infinite

What is the difference between 20 and infinity?

The difference is infinity. Infinity is the concept of the largest possible number. Even if you take 20 away the number will still be infinity.

What is the difference between infinite and uncountable?

infinite(y) means forever and uncountable means unable to be counted.

What is the difference between 0 and infinity?

Zero is nothing, infinity is everything.

What is countable set and uncountable set?

A countable set is defined as one whose elements can be put into one-to-one correspondence with elements of the set of counting numbers or some subset of it. A countable set can be infinite: for example all even numbers. This raises the strange concept where a subset (positive even numbers) has the same cardinality as all counting numbers - which should be a set that is twice as large! Even more confusingly (perhaps) is the fact that the set of all rational numbers also has the same cardinality as the set of counting numbers. You need to go to the set of irrationals or bigger before you get to uncountable sets. So you have the weird situation in which there are more irrationals between 0 and 1 than there are rationals between from 0 and infinity (if infinity can be treated as a value)! There is a minority definition of countable which means containing a finite number of elements as opposed to uncountable meaning infinitely many elements. However, these definitions are essentially the same as the finite sets and infinite sets and so there is little point in using them.

What is the similarities between infinity and the alpha and omega?

What are the simularites / difference betweeb infinity and the alpha and omaga ? between infinrity and eternity ?

What is the difference between all and whole?

The word "all" is used with countable or uncountable nouns to refer to 100% of many things. For example: All of my furniture is from Ikea. (uncountable) I bought all of my plates from ABC department store. (countable) The words "whole" and "entire" mean 100% of one thing. It is used with countable nouns. For example: I ate the whole pie by myself. I'm so full right now. I spent the entire day watching TV and drinking beer. It was great!

What is the difference between Riemann and Lebesgue integral?

The Lebesgue integral covers a wider variety of cases. Specifically, the definition of hte Riemann integral permits a finite number of discontinuities; the Lebesgue integral permits a countable infinity of discontinuities.

What is the difference between eternity and infinity?

"Eternity" refers specifically to time. "Infinity" can refer to just about anything.

What is the difference between sky and skies?

The noun 'sky' is an uncountable noun as a word for the atmosphere that surrounds the earth. The noun 'sky' is a countable noun (plural 'skies') as a word used when referring to the weather or specific atmospheric conditions.

What is the difference between infinity gold speakers and standard?

one is gold and the other one is normal

The difference between the greatest possible number and the smallest possible number?


What numbers are between 4 and 5 cm?

4.1,4.2,4.3,4.4,4.5,4.6,4.7,4.8,4.9!There are infinitely many numbers between 4 and 5. Just write "4." and then add any digits, and you have a number between 4 and 5.There exists an uncountable infinity between any two numbers.

What is the difference between infinity and eternity?

educated guessI think infinity is a mathematical term, whereas eternity is a measurement of time.

What numbers are between 4.78 and 4.79?

infinity/(infinity - .01)

Is -75.51 an integer?

Yes, it is between negative infinity and positive infinity.

What is the median of all the numbers between 1 and infinity?

There is no median. Infinity is named so because there is no final number; numbers keep going on and on and on, so there can be no median between 1 and infinity. Or alternatively, half infinity

What is the difference between a Bakugan drago and Bakugan draganoid?

There is not a big dfference exept drago has the Infinity core(Blue Dimond on neck)

What is the difference between a qualitative observation and a quantitative obeservation?

quantitative observation is observing numbers such as "there are twenty potatoes". Qualitative observation is observing anything that is not countable such as "the potatoes are all brown"

What is integerrs?

Any whole number between -infinity to +infinity including zero.

What is difference between infinity pickup and regular kind in electric guitar?

Ibanez makes infinity , their made the same way as any single coil or humbucker but just Ibanez is slapped on them and they do something that say Dimarzio doesn't.

Who would win between phantom dharak and infinity dragonoid?

Absallutly Infinity Dragonoid.

What is the difference between 63 and 63 when related to powers of ten?

The difference is 0. 0 cannot be represented by a normal power of 10, only as 10 to the power of minus infinity!