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One Sixths

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Q: What is the difference between five twelfth and one fourth?
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What is five twelfth minus one fourth?

5/12 minus 1/4 is 1/6.

What is five twelfth of 24?

One twelfth of 24 is 2, so five twelfths of 24 is 10.

What is the difference between five ones and five fives?

One Sixths

What is the difference between one and five?


What is the difference between 1848 and 1853?


Where does negative five and one fourth go on a number line?

Negative five is at five units to the left of the origin while one fourth is a quarter of a unit to the right.

What is the difference between a 5star and 3star hotel?

There is a bit of difference between a three star and five star hotel. A five star hotel is more expensive but has more luxuries.

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The difference between a number and five?


What is the difference between three quarters and one eighth?


What is time difference between Boston and Honolulu?

Honolulu and Boston has a five hour difference.

What is the Difference between 5'9 and 5'7?

The difference 5'9( five feet nine) and 5'7( five feet seven) is 2( two) inches.

What is the difference between an old nickel and a new dime?

five cents

How do you write the difference of eleven and five?

The difference between eleven and five is six. When using difference in a mathematical equation it means subtraction. So it really means 11-5=6.

How do you write five twelfth as a decimal?

It is 0.4166...

What is the difference between minus 4 and plus five?


How does a machine tell the difference between one dollar and five dollars?

Vending machines have laser scanners that can tell the difference between the bills.

What is the difference between the product of a number and a number five larger than it and the product of the number and a number five less than it?

The difference is ten times the number.

Irrational number that is not a square root?

Examples of irrational numbers which are not square roots of whole numbers are pi (3.14159 to five decimal places), the golden ratio (1.6180339887...) and silver ratio (2.4142135623), and the twelfth root of two, which is the difference between any two notes in an even-tempered musical scale.

What is one and five-twelfth hours?

1 hour and 25 minutes

Is 5 years apart from someone a big difference?

Five years between 4 and 9 is huge. Between 54 and 59 is not a difference at all.

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Five hours.

What does the multiples of five have in common?

the number five , the difference between the series of number is again 5

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Warner is five years, five months older.

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There is a five hour time difference. When it is noon in England it is 7 AM in Maryland.