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Some areas will not be carpeted. For example, underneath kitchen units or in the bathroom. These will contribute to the floor area but not the carpet area.

On the other hand, the risers of steps may well be carpeted but will not contribute to the floor area.

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Q: What is the difference between floor area and carpet area in a house?
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Franklin is going to carpet all rooms of his house except for the kitchen Therefore Franklin buys enough carpet to carpet his whole house minus the area of his kitchen?

The amount of carpet he buys is a function of the size of his kitchen.

Franklin is going to carpet all rooms of his house except for the kitchen Therefore, Franklin buys enough carpet to carpet his whole house minus the area of his kitchen?

The amount of carpet he buys is a function of the size of his kitchen.

Karena wants to carpet the rectangular floor of the den in her house If her measures 24 by 16 feet how many square feet of carpeting will she have to buy in order to cover the floor wall to wall?

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What is the difference between living area and floor area?

Floor area is always larger than the living area. Floor area can include an unfinished basement, the garage, an outside foyer, closet space etc. Living area is much smaller than the floor area. It is usually the heated/cooled area in the house. Real estate agents will usually quote the floor area because the buyer will think he/she is getting more space for his/her money. When asked they will have to quote the living area. Even though the unheated/uncooled fllor area contributes to the aesthetic value of the house, some of it may not be useful to the buyer. It depends on the buyer's preference.

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Hardwood flooring is more hypo-allergenic than carpet and is also easier to clean. It tends to be more expensive and can also scratch or warp depending on the conditions of your house.

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