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I think depends on how you used it? Basically they are the same. Batch is widely use in transaction while lot is use for stocks (small item, large quantity). Batch can also be use for stock in different warehouse process.


1: This batch of transactions contains lot ### to lot ###.

2: This transaction contains this batch of items ( usually larger items, smaller quantity, serialized).

Better answer, anyone? =)

Yes, I think I have a better answer or at least more complete....

A "batch" is (in mathematical/statistical terms) a "set" - in English it is an item/product that is made under (preparer) defined criteria under certain conditions (e.g controlled materials/ingredients, under a controlled temperature, for a controlled time frame, for a certain quantity, volume or time period)

A "lot" is very similar to a batch, but it is a sub set of a batch. There can be many "lots" in a single batch, but a single lot can contain only one batch. (e.g. a batch is the full quantity defined by the preparer, and the batch may be separated into many lots. The "lot" should be traceable to a batch, and therefore made under the same criteria of the batch.

Example Company X make batch of 1234 cookies, there are 10000 cookies in this batch, in order to sell them they break the "batch" into 1000 "lots" of 10 cookies each.

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Q: What is the difference between lot number and batch number?
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