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Hydraulic grade line is sum of Datum + Pressure Head

Energy grade line is sum of Datum + Pressure Head + Velocity Head

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Q: What is the difference between the hydraulic grade line and the energy line?
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What is the difference between hydraulic grade line and energy grade lines?

Energy gradient line refers to total energy excluding the losses due to flow. ie) Datum Head + Pressure Head + Velocity Head Hydraulic gradient line refers to the line joining upper and lower water surface levels excluding losses and velocity head. ie) Datum Head + Pressure Head

What is total energy line?

A total energy line is a line on a pump curve that represents the total energy of a fluid flow system, combining both the pressure head and velocity head of the fluid at any point in the system. It is used to analyze and optimize pump performance and system efficiency.

What is the difference between energy line and energy grade line?

Difference between energy line and energy grade lineThe line showing the total energy at any point in a pipe. The total energy in the flow of the section with reference to a datum line is the sum of the elevation of the pipe centerline, the piezometric height (or pressure head), and the velocity head. The energy grade line will slope (drop) in the direction of flow except where energy is added by mechanical devices. The line representing the elevation of the total head of flow is the energy line. The slope of the line is known as the energy gradient

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