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Difference is Four Hundred and ninty....



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What is the difference between three hundred and thirty and eight hundred and twenty?

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Q: What is the difference between three hundred and thirty and eight hundred and twenty?
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The English words for the numbers between 21 and 40 are:twenty-onetwenty-twotwenty-threetwenty-fourtwenty-fivetwenty-sixtwenty-seventwenty-eighttwenty-ninethirtythirty-onethirty-twothirty-threethirty-fourthirty-fivethirty-sixthirty-seventhirty-eightthirty-nineforty

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thirty one thousand twenty nine hundred. twenty nine hundred is equal to two thousand nine hundred so 31 thousand+ 2900 =33900

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What two hundred thirty divided into twenty five?


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Thirty two decimeters is the same length as three hundred and twenty centimeters. They are both equal to 3.2 meters.

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five hundred and twenty seven million, two hundred and thirty six thousand, four hundred and twenty eight.

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